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January 31, 2006


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John Harrison

We need to start a campaign that will send all of our athletes to HBC's so that for a while the white schools will feel the heat of competition with no black athletes. Until we start speaking up about it, it will be business as usual.

Tre Millyanz

There's also the problem of lowering the academic standards for athletes in college (especially Black ones). White people already expect Blacks to perform poorer in academic settings, and they expect even less from Black athletes, so they end up looking the other way and accepting less from them as well. As long as they to the modern day version of a minstrel show a.k.a. professional sports where all the "niggers" entertain the masters who write their checks.

No offense, but some of the athletes at my university really are not performing up to collegiate standards in the classroom and it reflects poorly on the rest of us while also sending the wrong message to younger cats that see if they pick up a ball instead of a book, they can get special treatment. First we've got to raise the our academic expectations for Black athletes. And the new generation of wealthy Black folk need to follow the lead of Bob Johnson, Nelly, Jay-Z, etc. and buy up these pro teams so we can start controlling the sports industry that is fueled by Black athletes. Gotta keep the wealth within the community as long as possible.


First off let me say that i am white and I agree that the number of black coaches is lower then it should be.I do not feel it is all due to racism.There are less black applicants then there are white ones which account for the lesser numbers.Either way as time continues and people become more open minded and stop following ignorant predjudices,and racist attitudes i hope that this will become less of a problem.

Candi Reign

All black dominated sports are a form of modern day slavery believe it or not. Understand the psychiatry of the game....Brown ball going into a white net creating green cash for the owner's and their investor's who are predominately caucasian. By the way, rascist attitudes and predujices were implemeted by non-colored people( Causians). If caucasian people don't hate on Colored people to protect their "supremecy" status for fear of genetic annialation rascism would not exist.


This is funny to see how you turn everything to racist without any reason.

Damn the greatest athlete in football are black and you are complaining about coachs.

Just stop thinking everything is racist. It will help your life go better.

Black, White, Red we are all the same.


Alex I agree we are all the same. And yes
Black athletes have proven their skills on
the field and basketball courts, especially where there is a economic incentive for college or professional teams to win.

Your generalized statement comes from not knowing the facts. Only 3% of NCAA football coaches are Black. Since you claim, I'm only seeing racism where there is non, why are there so few Black head coaches, despite the generations of outstanding Black athletic performance? Please respond with facts and not opinion.

reese adams

Maybe the facts are blacks are the better athletes while whites are generally the better program directors. Its like going into mcdonalds you got 10 black employees running the line and preparing the food and one white mgr overseeing. Is McDonalds racist as well?

Leiry Lewelyn

Well my friend thanks to show your concern about the black Community which i also have.
We need to understand economics how it works. Success is not based on the color of our skin are where we are coming from. The foundementals of good personal and community success is Unity of purpose,Trust, knowledge on how money works and unselfish vision. We must be looking 100 years in advance.

The poor remains poor because they continue to do what keep them poor . If the poor start to do what the rich do they will become rich.

A person canthave what he curses or despises. If you despise the poor you will end up become poor because you despise what they KNOW.

Secular Socialism phislosophy sucks rather than harnessing on your God given creativity and purpose so you can stand on your feet and consequently help your follow man it teaches you to depend on the system for bread and survival.

Blacks is for enterprise not big brother govt.

No body can stop us only we stoping ourselves, racism is just lame excuse for us black people in America." Racism" should motivate us to unite in our communities, study hard, motivate and mentor our kids. Most of us have forgotten the lagacy our forefathers left for us. BET sometime is a disgrace to the black community -its time we stop sexually exploiting our own people with some of those kind of lude music

According to one study the gross income of blacks in USA is equivalent to # 9 place in G ten Nation. So Blacks aint poor its a matter of allocation.

Leiry Lewelyn


A person cant have what he curses or despises. If you despise the poor( it should be read the rich) you will end up become poor because you despise what they KNOW

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