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January 31, 2006


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february 6 2006
i have never been to new orleans...and probably never get to see this place....but when i saw so many black people i was taken aback for a second...i never knew there were so many black people living there...it seemed that most of them were poor...(correct me if i am wrong)..i was schocked at the help they did not get right away...the disaster there looked almost like a third world country....the united states should be ashamed of this....at times it is hard for black people to patronize another most of the time..they will complain that black business or services are to high...and go next door and patronize the white man's businesses....blacks have been brainwashed by separatism in color and thinking...blacks to this day old and young in some instances....still have that light skin/dark skin thing going on...we still have black men having babies by white women so there children will be of a lighter color...i think that is just horrible thinking...but they are doing it..and pay attention to these children than the ones of just african american heritage...black men please wake up....get your selves together...not all of them but quite a few think this way


I couldn't cuncur with you more. I literally saw the big (white) eyes bugle with greed when they realized the "opportunity". We must remember that God would have His people united. Those of no color may begin their quest for yet another space to claim their own...but take away the black dollars that you so aptly demonstrated which practically guarantees financial success to the majority and soon the bugling eyes will succumb to the realization that we must remain intergrated for financial success of any kind to prevail. If only man could desire to be together for sheer loves sake and not be compelled to join forces for ulterior motives of the evil kind.

anthony foote

I think and feel this year of 2007 the LORD will start opening up the minds of his people and those who " white people and others " who have tried to hide the truth for so long, the color of JESUS AND THE COLOR OF GOD will be forced to tell the truth. If no one is going to stand for the truth and have strong fatith that GOD will delivere is not talking about it a waste of time we BLACK people the true HEBREWS have to stand up to these others who have sold their souls over to satan for material wealth not in violence but in the true gospel will not GOD who hands down the HOLY SPIRIT alow it to move in us to speak the truth you see when you have GOD on your SIDE theirs mercy,grace and the BLOOD OF JOSHUA. Which means those who,s spirit are being operated by satin will have to bow down and give GOD the GLORY the day is near for JOSHUA is coming with 10,000 angels not for peace like these anglosaxons,devil ministers in disguise predict but HE IS COMING FOR WAR " REVELATION CH-19 Verse 11 then i saw heaven opened,and there was a white horse! Its rider is called FAITHFUL and TRUE, and in rightousness he judges and makes war. the time grows near. BLESSED THE GOD OF ISREAL AND THE 12 TRIBES

Candi Reign

, "This city will be a majority African American city. It's the way God wants it to be."

If this is true then God would not have made this many colored people be removed from a city. The Most High said in Ezekiel to everything there is a season and it was the season for Black brother's and sister's to be moved from that city regardless of how the enemy did it because the city was full of voodoo wickedness anyway if you ask me. The Most High favors us black people because we were made in his image. There is scientific proof indicating that the first parents on earth were Black from Africa and we have to teach everyone and our chilren especially since they are the generation to come...they need to have the TRUTH instilled within them, written in their hearts.


I think the man shot himself in the foot when he said that "New Orleans is majority black and God wants it that way" because of all the hardships New Orleans has faced from being enslaved to harsh natural diasters i.e. Hurricane Katrina. Now don't get me wrong God is good and yes all things work for our good but I feel that that comment was made out of brainwashed white man slave labor mindset and I could be wrong. Being born and raised thirty minutes south of Seattle reading that quote just had all that be my first thought and thus the comment. I totally agree with Candi.

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