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January 31, 2006


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Church's are big business in African American neighborhoods. There are out to help themselves, most of the ministers live better than their memebers. The truth of God is not being taught, their agenda is being taught.And it generally consist of money.

Ana Jackson

I agree it is time for the black church to stand up and be about what Jesus was truly about. Jesus challenged the Religous, Political and Economic systems of his day. Jesus was a revolutionary and a change agent. He was hung on the cross because he challenged the Economic Powers that be. The black church needs to take the lead in economics and politics. American will never be free, it will never be a true democracy until the black man has his equal status in this country. Ladies don't get upset by black man I am talking about us to. Martin Luther King Jr. understood what I am talking about. When he embarked on the poor peoples campaign is when he made himself a marked man. The powers that be don't like you messing with their money. The church needs to take the risk and get back to the direct actions that both Martin and Jesus took.


Churches are like drugs, their success is determined by those who support them. In regards to black churches, where most if not all are supported by black women. The thought of being used or abused is rarely an issue. Yet their relationship with black men, are in constant conflict alledgely for many of the same reasons
But churches have become a place to feel good, not a vessel to extent goodness.


stacy greenwood

i greet you in the name of iam that iam black God to stay strong in christ he will bring you through.

stacy greenwood

why are we as a black people afraid of saying black God and black Jesus. some say its witchcraft what do you say?

Nabru Truth

The Black Chruch is based on Black theology which is mostly geared for emotion,feeling the holy spirit, feeling good about salvation,and getting reasured that your troubles wont always be.no matter what there is a greater being watching your back. about the money the pastors salary is not what he/she makes it. it is sanctioned by the church board. which is made up of mostly unpaid church members so if you feel that he/she is getting to much do not blame the pastor. talk to the board whom are voted in by the congregation lastly if you knew what the truly "called" pastors do on a day to day basis then you wouldnt mind giving them a lil extra

Candi Reign

Black preachers have to learn about the truth too. Many have been taught under the white supremecy system Christian knowledge and know nothing else and refuse to speak openly in the pulpit about it for the fear of being called a racist hateful preacher. Other nations know that Blacks want to be accepted but we as a Black nation have to understand that we are standing alone divided and the preachers are our leadership. We have to pressure the preachers to tell the truth about everything!! I do my part as a Black Hebrew woman in a society that is trying to annialate the black race with HIV/AIDS because they feel they have no use for us because we "want too much". The blood of our ancestors is in all 7 seas and all American soil. Stand up for what's right and stop celebrating Independence day, Cinco de Mayo, Christmas etc., snares in a black hating society.

stephen allen

I feel the church is in need of real men who r not about the money but who r in it to make a change.


Wealth is very important and I think that many black people fail to understand this. Amanda Knox was able to be found not guilty because her parents have money and she was able to fight her case. Anthony Davis was an innocent black man and he died, he had no money and all we did is towards the end of his life call for all night prayer.

Abraham, Issac, Joseph, were very rich men. Jesus received three gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh and he too was a very rich man, for his ministery to succeed, he was rich, Jospeh of Arimathea who buried Jesus was a wealthy black Jew, yes he had money, the Ethopia official from Queen Canadice court, she was weathy and he saent him to honour Jesus unfortunately he was already dead, however he met Philip. Paul travels were financed by people.

You have to accumulate wealth in this world, we don't need it in heaven, but we need it here to change the political system, the infrastructure, if we really want to change this world, we have to have seriously wealthy christians, to that they can have access to the television stations, the media, the education, the hospitals, and we have to think wealth.

Praying does changes things, we need more than just praying, if we are to change things for black people we need money and that is what many of us fail to understand.

James E Clipper Jr

My thoughts about prosperity preachers are the same for about 99.999% of preachers. Wolves in sheep's clothing plan and simple! They all make mdse of Yah's ppl. The true gospel of Yahshua Emmanuel Ben Israel concerning the kingdom of Yahveh has been replaced by a sensation based gospel of prosperity and supernatural works. I believe that prosperity and supernatural works are inclusive in the gospel yet contemporary prosperity ministers focus on the add ons to salvation. It is my most profound conviction that modern day Christendom is the prophesied Apostate end time church. (and I don't mind if you reveal my email address)


This book details much more about Black American Christians. Don't miss it. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0965461505

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