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February 19, 2006


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well racism still lives on,its sad when blacks can't get a break for achievements that lets others know that they can strive for there own dreams and goals,someone will be around hoping that you will fall.

Joseph Winfield

While many did not know or didn't care about this skater, Shani Davis, and all he went thru, the negative and racist comments are not only ignorant but shows the problem in america that still exist. He did not want to apart of Team USA for a reason. Because he was an African american, he did not receive any help nor training from american coaches. He did not receive any funding to help him get to the olympics. He was single out because white americans didnt want an African american entering into their sport. (I thought he was an american too!!!) His mom had to work multiple jobs to send him to Canada to train since he was blocked from many areas to train. In other words, for Shani Davis to train and have the funding, it was all up to him So why be mad if he did it not for USA, but for he and his mom. With his accomplishments in the (I believe) 2006 Winter Olympics, he should have been the team captain. What stopped him from being captain..... Well you already know. (read more www.blackjesus.com, & http://www.shanidavis.org/)

Joseph Winfield

By the way, is actions and comment were heard and he received sponsors and team USA finally welcomed him in. Why did it take this to have a member of the human race to be accepted.
BTW he alone, without the help from Team USA broke the 1000m world record in 2006.
what what?

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