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February 27, 2006


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Alphonso McGriff III

I'm still not sure how an "entity" that man isn't even sure exists (GOD) becomes "HE." Can you explain this to me? If this isn't made clear, the idea of Jesus, Black or white, is a total non-reality.

glenn morris

no comment at this time but thank you.


Its ashamed that alot of blacks these days dont know there true history and that I a Dominican know more about black history than alot of blacks and what type of inventions were made by blacks and that whites are taking credit for....and for the person that wrote that Jesus was white, if he read the bible, the part of relations he would know,if he's smart the description of Jesus, one of them says that his skin shone like brass. I havent seen any whites skin shine like brass.

Black Presence

sadly a lot of information in this little prose in inaccurate. Details should be checked before posting this stuff.


I invite you or anyone else to point out and verify any inaccurate information so it can be immediately corrected.


Well, I for one am certainly glad that Mr. John Standard invented the refrigerator. I am not sure what my event planning business would be like without one.

It is important to credit the contributions made to society regardless of race.


This is a load of rubbish! Patents don't lie and these so called black inventions were discovered by white people long before these so called black inventors. For a complete breakdown of who invented what and when I suggest people who are interested in the real truth and not this Afrocentric bullcrap check this website out:


Why do black people constantly try to make themselves out to be the saviours of humanity when they have achieved precisely jack shit compared to the white man? Go back to the Black Hebrew Church of Universal Practical Knowledge and keep believing that Beethoven and King George were black men...fools!


i love it,to see that in today's life we can be thankful


This is a belated response to "This is a load of rubbish", dated April 22 above.
Normally I would delete a bogus sites posted
as fact. But I want readers to see the extent to which a racist would go to cover up the truth. You or who ever created your site have gone to a great extent to deceive.
Here is a listing of Black inventors posted in alphabetical order by About.com, a major respected search engine and each listing has its own US Patent number. And there are many others not mentioned who's inventions were stolen
because they did not understand the patent process or did they have the money. Those are the facts.
As for who is or is not Black, I suggest you run a dna test
on your own lineage, you might be surprised my brother.

Carla Patterson

I can add to the true knowledge of inventions by black americans. For the poor person who made the comment of black and white inventions I really feel sorry for you. Whenever you get upset about the theft of your generation towards black people and their inventions you have a real serious problem. Now if you can actually lie down at night and not feel any emotions, then you are in human and out of touch with yourself. I myself and others, will not let you steal my joy!

Julian Bailey

With so many creative inventions that came from our community, no wonder the information was suppressed. Let us sweep away the dust of fear and exposed the knowledge of our great inventors to our children and to the world at large. The truth of our history will liberate many of our brothers and sisters in mental chain.

Mr.Michael Sterns

I find it truly inspirational that some intellient people out here takes their time to help educate some of the aldults and kids that happen upon this page.It's truly wonderful that people can express their thoughts wether it be posotive are negative it's good.But i guesss we all agree on some things written here if not you would be here debating about it ,but i tell you know stop trying to surpress a man free will to express what he thinks and feel ok it's sad hell you people have been doing it for years.And for you younger generations of people wether you blk are wht never give up on the scearch for the true history of man kind you are gone to be schocked what you find out about history peoples.But it sadden me that these simple minded peoples that come here to critize what people are trying to do i want call no names are nationalitly out you know who you are instead of seeking God's knowledge you close your encable mind's of thinking i really feel for you kind and it's sad that your own people have keep in blind as well and you act like you love yourself don't take a look around check yourself and am out

Loreen Banks

I read the following on snopes.com and found myself enlightened.... You might do the same, especially the last bit of information supplied, telling the FACT that some of this is fact the others are part fact and some just plain made to discredit the GREAT things blacks have contributed to this world.



Loreen Banks
New Carrollton, MD

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