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February 08, 2006


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Alice Mahomes

The comments that there is a shortest of Black Male is not true, there are many in lock down. I am a mother of four young mens. One was murder without the police ever doing a fair investigation, these are black police caught up in the system themself, it is safe to say on the wrong side of the law themself.
That have left me with a mistrust issue concerning the authority in my town. We who are strong in the black culture need to rethink where we are V>S> to where we are going as a race of people.

kmichael key

I am not sure of the exact statistics for african americans in prison but i do know that the u.s. has over 2million people in prison.I am a member of CRITICAL RESISTANCE www.criticalresistance.org and [email protected] and WE ARE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX ABOLITIONISTS!!! WE KNOW THAT SLAVERY EXISTS TODAY IN THE FORM OF PRISONS AND CANNOT BE REFORMED THEY MUST BE ABOLISHED.EMAIL US AND FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR ORGANIZATION AND HELP OUR STRUGGLE.

Sheila G

I totally agree that the prison industrial complex has become a major player/component of the US Economy. With the alarming number of black males either in prison or out of work,the status and future of the black male, and therefore that of the black family, is in crisis. If this problem existed in other cultures, there would be a grass roots national effort to address and eradicate the problem. Why do we not have think tanks created to analyze, assess, plan, recruit, and execute a plan with short term and long term measurable results? With the wealth and immediate cash generated in our churches every Sunday, why has not one denomination or group of ministerial alliances taken on this issue? Where is the NAACP? The Urban League? The National Black Caucus? Even the UNCF should have this issue on the radar, but instead of attacking this issue which directly affects the number of black males that could be attending a HBCs instead of wasting away in jail, their answer seems to be to recruit white, indian, and latinos to take those spots. What a sad commentary.

What's interesting here is that none of the candidates who claim to be the voice of all americans have raised this issue in the presidential campaign. I've not heard the issue raised at forums, debates,or even mentioned at all. What I have seen and heard are a handful of so-called "black leaders" who take advantage of every opportunity to profit from each and every racially charged incident that makes national news. These self proclaimed activists are regulars on all the TV talk shows, make all the pundit rounds, and their number one objective seems to be to keep the conversation going and stir up as much controversy as possible so that their next book deal is increased. If we as a community are going to turn this crisis around, then those that take to the airways must use that platform to keep the pressure on and the focus on political and social reform. If we keep doing what we've done, we're gonna keep getting what we've got.


The stats are quite distressing...a hard cold reality.


Allen West and Herman Cain, two black men who decided not to blame everything on white people and became successful. One's a multimillionaire and the other is a retired Colonel(high rank) and Congressman. I'm white, and I'd vote for either of these very intelligent men for President based on MERIT and NOT the color of their skin, like most white apologists did with Barak Obama.

My closest friend is a black man from Baton Rouge and anyone who knows Baton Rouge knows how tough it is there, for ANYONE, not just blacks. He got a technical degree and a BA in Computer Science, and is making 6 figures now. He started in the ghetto and overcame of his own free will.

Stop blaming other people for your failures to succeed. These strong black men overcame because they didn't sit back and whine about the white man having everything and them having nothing. They are honorable AMERICANS who fought hard for what they wanted and DID FOR THEMSELVES.

Basically, they did what every other successful person in America has the opportunity to do if they want it bad enough, be they black, white, asian, or otherwise.

If you fail in America, it's because you wanted to fail. You can not blame anyone else.


Response to StopTheRacism:

Per usual when some people don’t want the facts
brought to light, they blame the victim or call reverse

Fact- Over 1 million Black males in prison.
$60 billion spent on incarceration annually
and no Black suppliers to be found.

Fact- The Black unemployment rate is 3
times as high as whites even for those
blacks that have a college education.

Fact- Black consumers spend over $45 billion
annually on groceries with less than a handful of
grocery products coming from Black owned companies.

Fact: Past by highway construction sites across
the country and you are hard press to find any
Black men working. White contractors have chosen
to employ hispanics instead because they know they can
pay them less. Yet Black contractors are seldom
awarded primary contracts.

Fact- Despite minorities now representing over
50% of the American population the media
(radio, tv, print) continues to exclude the opinions
and images of anything else other than Caucasians.

Fact- Most whites are afraid of the
changing demographics of this country,
fearing they might be treated as a racial
minority.Why else has gun sales risen
over 30% since Obama became president.

The Washington Smithsonian has an excellent
exhibit on race that I personally visited.
I suggest you educate yourself about
the facts and consequences of race and racism
in this country. Here is their website: http://www.understandingrace.org/

As for Allen West and Herman Cain, while I may
not agree with their politics, they prove that Black
men have always found a way to overcome the odds.

I too have a couple of white friends who admit
that being white in America means that you are
given the benefit of the doubt every day of your life.


Leta Paz

this is eye-opening. white people like myself must be educated because we have no clue this is going on. this country is doomed if this injustice continues. slavery may have ended on paper, but the mindset continues to oppress: white racism and apathy and black self-loathing and ignorance across the board for most Americans. just depressing, really depressing.

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