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February 07, 2006


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The bible is replete with stories where God, when He was completely fed up with the wickedness of people, would wipe them off the face of the earth. It was commented during the aftermath of katrina that God was at work...but His works are infinite. Could the aids problem of our people be another act of God? Christians know that God does not punish His people. It is our actions which are predicated upon conseguences that causes either the advancement or the destruction of mankind.

Hanover Fist

Very nice website with very heavy info that many of us need to read.

Jackson Frank

i hate black people you guys are dickasses

Jhon Bob

the comment above needs to be deleted,, we were joking with a friend so it would be good if you could delete the comment ... sorry for messing around with your website

Kathy Frank

Hello Jhon Bob this is Jackson Frank's mother. What you did on this website was very wrong! Your comment that it was a joke is a complete lie and stating that he is your friend is also a complete lie. No friend would do such a thing. I am speaking with the school about appropriate discipline action for you. You have damaged Jackson's personal life and he hasn't done one darn thing wrong to you. You have posted out for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE something that is totally unacceptable in today's society and not only that but it is a complete lie. I am sure if your parents found out about what you did, they would be very disappointed in you as Jackson and I are. Please don't ever state that Jackson is your friend because he would NEVER be associated with anyone who would do such a horrible thing.

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