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October 20, 2007


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Cyia Slappy

Just web surfing and stumbled into this interesting site. I didn't see this episode of Oprah, but I want to say to all my single sisters the same words my older sister told me: If you consider yourself a statistic, your life will be static. In other words, if you believe that you'll never meet & marry a good Black man, you probably won't. I changed my thinking & was married to a wonderful Blk man within 3 years. This year ('09) makes our 7th yr anniversary & we've been blessed to make 3 gorgeous babies together. So sistahs, don't believe the hype!


Are you honestly preaching equality but bitching because black people act the same as whites. Just get over it people act like people, they do what they want. Black, White, Brown whatever we are people just live your life like you feel is right it will all be over soon. Life is short dont waste it on thinking what could have been.

grey eyed girl

if anyone's committing genocide om the black men is him! why should black women lower her standards when black men are marrying out in droves? race does not matter to black men and their preferences so why should it for black women?


Grey eyed girl, I feel your pain and frustration that so many Black women are experiencing. You must know that despite the negative images that are intentionally presented in the media, there are many Black men and women who seek out, support, love, encourage one another, their children, their families and their communities.

steven Rodgers

I don't really care what color Jesus was (or anyone else, for that matter), but I do find it strange that black people, who would never put up with Martin Luther King, for example, being portrayed by a white person, are the same people who portray Jesus, a white man, as black. Jesus was Middle eastern. He was a Jew. There is nothing wrong with being black, it's just that Jesus wasn't. It is not even an arguable topic. No educated person or scholar disputes this.

Black Jesus.com

Educated white person that you are, I'm glad that you agree that Jesus wasn't white, blond and blue eyed as is contantly, falsely presented as fact through out the world.

You, like a few angry whites who have posted here or have sent me racists emails, have failed to read the facts presented, not by me, but by so many white scientists, biblical scholars and historians, some of who reluctantly agree that Jesus was a dark skin man with wooly hair.

I won't debated with you degrees and shades of Blackness in the middle east, and in particular Palestine. If you don't care what color Jesus was, how did you discover this site and why did you find a need to post any comments here in the first place. Peace.

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