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January 21, 2008


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The Black Madonna in Poland is not black because of race but because of smoot from a fire. allegedly the painting did not burn and Mary cried


Thanks Aaron for your comment. But your statment that the Madonna statue is black because of soot is not true. There is a clear pattern of the Black Madonnas showing up in different parts of the world as far back as 718 in Spain as well as Poland and the Philippines. In each case todays naysayers like yourself, attribute this black appearance to fire. I personally visited Montserrat and saw the original statue and it is not burned. See for your self.
Feel free to share any facts you have.

Dominic Edwards

It is proven that most of the civilizations written in the bible including the Egyptians and the Jews from the bible were all black. It also shows that history couldn't completely white wash the truth no matter how they try, because all the hidden pictures and statues hidden by the church are black and so are the pictures on the pyramids as well. European history has proven to be inaccurate in a lot of these cases.

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