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February 24, 2008


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This test is so bias it's not even funny. The white kids merely spray-painted the car, it looked like they owned it and they were just walking around spray-painting it. Obviously they didn't attract too many phone calls. Then the black kids were jumping on the car, hitting it with bats/sticks, and seemed to be actually damaging it and appeared to be more out of control than the white kids. Obviously they drew more attention, phone calls, etc. Jesus Christ, people are so ignorant. Not to mention you never know who the passer-byers were. Whose to say that the morally right people happened to be passing later instead of earlier? Different people, different actions, different tests. The tests were equal or fair at all. In the words of the British, this is a load of 'poppycock'.



In reference to your three comments below,
I see you have spent over an hour
on BlackJesus.com commenting
extensively on my content.

You must have been thinking that
Jesus had to have been anything other
than white, how else would you have
arrived at this site.

And that's the whole point of this blog,
to uncover the lie that Jesus was white.
We can debate his shades of blackness
till the cows come home.

I have found first hand that this lie has
given most Caucasians a false sense
of superiority. It's evident that regardless
of how many facts I present on issues
effecting Black people, people like
you will find some way to refute them,
based on your own biased false opinions
and not with any opposing facts.

By the way, when white people die they
do turn Black eventually. No not light brown,
not a shade of brown, but Black.

Remember Jesus did die for all of us no
matter what color we are.


What is troubling is that this Pd has a history of not investigating crimes committed against black people ,yet they have Black officers. What do they do besides sit on their hands ?????????? If they sit by and say nothing they are as bad or worse than their white partners


When I was a teen -- a light brown teen whose color is quixotically often referred to as "white" -- I was routinely accosted by police officers. Truth be told, some of my "homies" were true-to-life criminals, eventually involved in crimes other than violation of pharmaceutical regulations. I think the reason we were pulled over and stopped often had to do with he poor condition of the car we were driving. I learned important lessons -- such as that you can be ticketed for using a rag as a gas cap. At other times, it might have been the way I dressed and looked. It was my choice to look that way and I tended to ridicule cops who thought my intentional choice of clothing meant anything at all.

That said, I intuitively agree that "black" teens tend to be profiled more than light-skinned teens. Part of it is cultural, but it's an aspect of culture that involves gangsta personas. Let me be clear. A lot of well-dressed black folks are pulled over too, often unfairly. But the way we respond to unfair treatment can make a difference in how things play out.

Now lets get to Trayvon. No, he didn't deserve to be shot. But in the national attention that's followed, we've embraced a debate that -- if we sympathize with him and his family -- encourages us to ignore the basic facts. Yes, Zimmerman was following him. Guess what? It's your right as a black person to follow me. If you think I don't have legitimate business on your street - can you say "south central" -- you can keep an eye on me, or even approach me. Trust me. I'll get the message and move on. Or maybe - just maybe - we'll find some mutual respect.

That's not what happened in Trayvon's case. Every indication is that he approached Zimmerman to ask why he was following him. "You got a problem?" "Well you do now." Maybe someone made up those words, but, well, lets just say if I'm walking through your south central neighborhood and see you following me as I walk through your neighborhood, that's not the approach I'm gonna pick. Nor will I punch you in the nose, tackle you and bang your head on the ground. Why? Well, because you might be packing heat, among other reasons. Huh!

Then we have these pictures of 14 year old Trayvone. Trouble is, the Trayvone who died was 17 years old, six-foot-something, and at that age -- like one of my step daughters -- where Tweeting thuggish comments somehow feels empowering. No. That doesn't mean he deserved to be shot. But had he lived, his parents might have been hoping he'd tone down the thugishness and focus on his college career - learn to debate articulately rather than posing a thug persona. But a lot of us go through that, and we don't deserve to be shot.

Yeh, I think the deck is stacked against black folks -- especially those who, unlike the president of the United States -- are heirs of slaves and whose dialect reflects the Southern experience. I know that part because I'm also a emigrant from the south, and know what how that dialect makes me look in the eyes of "Yankees." And when Trayvone's case came up, it only made sense to see it through that filter. Thing is, there was so much more at play. He was the son of a divided family. He'd probably been through some stress with that. He was dealing with early experiences with pot. Been there, done that, but it can color one's judgement - especially when one is trying to find their way in life. And if we're to believe his twitter feed, he'd been playing with some real crime. Theft. Disadavantaged by a broken home, disadvantaged by a society - a southern society, I might add - that has old grudges against black folks, I can understand a kid experimenting with theft. He didn't rob Zimmerman, and for that Zimmerman had no reason to shoot. But he did approach Zimmerman to ask why he was following him. By many if not most accounts, he physically accosted Zimmerman. Not good. I'm just saying we need to consider the totality of circumstances along with the social context of bias against black folks. I extend my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Now, as for the "What would you do" episode - I'll admit I didnt' carefully read the entire story. Why? Well, black is beautiful and all, but that strong tag that makes every word bold faced doesn't make the text any more readable. Just because typeface is more black doesn't make it more readable. I'm sure some of the typographers that figured that out over the centuries had at least a few drops of black blood, so it's okay to take their word for it.

But the parts I did read -- I notice that it's an entertainment show, not science. And in the case of the black youths, one woman had the courage to approach them and attempt to instruct them. Maybe I missed the paragraph that revealed her racial profile, but black, red, yellow or white, she was courageous and represented an impression many of us "non-blacks" have about "blacks" - you're smart, approachable, reasonable and sometimes more socially intelligent than some folks on our side of the color wheel.

What's my point? It's been said racism takes two forms (racial attitudes, to be correct, as racism is a doctrine related to public policy) -- those two forms are failing to recognize the unique qualities related to race, and attributing unique qualities related to race. With such a narrow rope to walk, I'm sure I've not gotten through this post without offending on both sides of the precarious balance. But, knowing the Black Jesus spread grace and forgiveness to all people, I'm hoping I can get out of this neighborhood without getting shot, and hopefully, have both shown and gained some respect in the mean time.

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