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February 01, 2008


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I believe that if more of my own would except the fact the our Lord and Savior was a black man then maybe we could except each other better just as he excepted and gave his life for us. I am COPTIC, we believe in I AM THAT I AM and his son Black JEsus. We always say we want people to know the truth but so many of us hide the fact that we know the truth. I am going to start with me. I am going to tell everybody I know the truth, whether they accept it or not I am going to tell them. thank you so much for this blog.

Anna Marie

I see there is so much more reading I will be doing on your blog. I'm more than willing to do so and will return to read and learn more, thank you for that opportunity.

Alexander Blake

Why does it matter what color you believe Jesus was? Isn't this just promoting racism?


No Alexander, it's promoting racism when there is a cover up of the truth. When a false image is presented as the truth.
When people refuse to accept the truth in
the face of biblical and scientific proof.

Alexander Blake

There is no scientific proof that Jesus ever existed, let alone the color of his skin.


Alexander, I guess since your website says you are an athiest, in the face of the facts, you would now rather believe Jesus did not exist. That's your prerogative.

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