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February 10, 2008


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Chrystal Whicker

This was a email that was sent to me directly that I think is well worth posting because the sender seems to think that this site is racist.

Mr. Johnson,

I am one who admires the good and the honorable in all races. But I'm wondering about what appears to be a contradiction and hypocrisy. On the one hand, I can agree with you that God is the creator of all men of all races, and that all are created in His image, that skin color doesn't matter when it comes to human rights. So, why does it matter when it comes to the color of Jesus' skin?
ANY TIME YOU MAKE SKIN COLOR AN ISSUE, REGARDING ANY MATTER, YOU ARE DEMONSTRATING RACISM. In my experience, the blacks tend to me more racist against whites than the other way around.

Chrystal Whicker

Chrystal thanks for sharing your opinion.
The aim of this site is to get at the truth.
I again post this question to you. If the
color of Jesus doesn't matter, why is he alway portrayed as white, blond and blue eyed when scientific proof shows otherwise. I agree, racism is wrong no matter who it comes from.

As for Blacks being more racists, if and when it does occur, since we only represent
12% of the US population, it doesn't prevent whites from gaining employment, housing,a quality education,loans or fair legal representation. Racism causes Blacks to be victims of all the aformentioned.

Cyia Slappy

In a perfect world, race would not matter. But let's face it: none of us are in heaven yet. Most of us who happen to be of African descent don't walk around with a superiority complex, in an effort to "blackwash" the world. Instead, we only seek to find our equal place in it. That said, the truth is not always what everyone wants to hear. I'm speaking specifically about the "color of Jesus" issue.

When a white person has been raised from childhood to believe that his or her race is superior to others, of course then, they believe, the Saviour of mankind MUST be white as well. Geneologies in the Bible are there for a reason, and I believe one of the reasons is to let everyone know that Jesus had all kinds and colors of people in His family tree.

White Christians accept that Rahab the prostitute, Boaz the heathen, David the adulterer were in Christ's earthly bloodline, but when one points out that many of his ancestors hailed from places primarily inhabited by people of color, there's that internal gasp and defiant disbelief. Then you have those who do acknowledge this, but the thought is so contrary to their lily white image of Him that they dismiss it quickly with "His color doesn't matter, anyway."

Spiritually speaking, that statement is correct, but in this world, especially in America where people of African descent have suffered centuries of hatred and abuse based soley on race, you better believe it matters to us!

Still at the end of the day, I'm so glad that God in His wisdom, deemed it appropriate that Jesus was born in the middle East of multi-racial bloodline. However, when I pray, I don't pray to the Father through Jesus Christ because He's black or white, but because of the red blood he shed for my salvation.

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