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March 24, 2008


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prophetess yahtoma

Of all that i have heard, and that is said the videos, I can say what THE HOLY SPIRIT has said to me,about the creation of man and how the first man looked.[Creation] [For I have formed man out of the dust,just like a child with a paper and pencil and blew into his nostril and it came into a living thing. saith the holy spirit....About Adam and Eve.. THE HOLY SPIRIT says about adam [Tall fair skinned very beautiful neck hair...and about Eve [Shoulder hair very fair skin beautiful..] there are many questions and the answers is here.

prophetess yahtoma

Many say that Yahshua had bead and very long hair..the HOLY SPIRIT say about Yahshua [There will be times my daughter when you will see men clean shaven , the legs clean, yahshua [jesus] had hired servants to shave him].........[THIS IS ME NOW talking ;now in the bible it says [isiah7 ver 20 ] in the days of Yahshua HE will shave with a razor and his bead will be shaved also. .Yahshua will have special people to do this..So why do they show this man with bead and very long hair ? It is because they want people to see HIM as an Edomite[white] jew, which HE IS NOT

prophetess yahtoma

The cro moson of all man is traced back to one man . yes . which is Adam[the generation] then the flood. After the flood NOAH and his family.. ham, japheth and shem. From shem came abram, abram had isaac, isaac had jacob and esau [red man]call the white man today. Esau married a canaanite woman had children...it is a long story i can't say all here [lol],,,,,..Jacob and esau was this how black and whites began? my quetion to THE HOLY SPIRIT and the answer was [GOD ] speaks of skin colour ,yes. saith GOD.

Lee Pierson

It matters not the hue of the Massiah,for it is the message of TRUTH that he brings.It is also the TRUTH that he represents.The chosen are the chosen,The plan of the CREATOR is irreversable and unchanged.It is written, woe be unto those who tamper with the TRUTH of THE CREATOR and scatter(deceive)HIS children.Remember,the job of the evil one is to deceive and confuse the CHOSEN.PEACE! ONES.PEACE!


Study the WORD and receive enlightenment through the spirit of the CREATOR you shall not be deceived.

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