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April 28, 2008


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I'm a black man with a white wife with mixed kids. When reading your article I did'nt know if i should be pissed because i thought you were a biggot asshole or the fact that you were right. i think i just like the article


Well as a young black women (attracted to all kind of guys, not just black) can see that your very outraged. Well to the man who posted the comment above mine, i think you need to acknowledge the fact that your MIXED KIDS are indeed still BLACK KIDS!If mixed black people are not black then all of history is changed!!! C'mon now! Even obama says "yes, i am of mixed race, but my father is black, so i am a BLACK MAN!" i think you need to inform them before society does, cause if society does it wont be nice. But anyways, beside the use of nigger, and talking bad about me (and other black women) i think some of what you said is right. But at the same time I think your out of your damn mind. I am 100% black and proud. I think your just mad, because the great-great grandsons of slave masters are going for girls like me! I happen to have my own long curly hair and im not mixed. Though i did grow up in a mostly white community, if i straighten my hair or die it blond, i dont understand why I should be labeled as conformed. Why cant it be just something I like??!! You are just in deep anger and have a problem accepting the VERY SLOWLY yet still happening change in America. You need to realize that yes im black and PROUD and yes you are WHITE and proud, but everyone in the world has learned from us! Everyone is black, because we started in Africa and spread, but has white in them, because you whites are soooo damn curious that you decide to take over every civilization better than yours (which is basically all)! I swear, if you every see a bunch of Europeans coming on a boat, you are now facing the decline and/or fall of your civilization! The NATIVE AMERICANS would know exactly what Im talking about.



Mr.Michael Sterns

First of all i would like to say good day to all now people those that are supposed to be educated and well learned and those that are not just go to your history book (I.E.) the Bible and it will clear all thing White,Black issue up i only deal in the thruth and any fact that God can dispell is not true when are people gonna stop letting people dictate who and what your are in the Bible it doesn't speak of blk,wht,mex jew,gen,pags,etc............ God didn't you wht people will be blessed are you blk people will be cursed etc..... so get over this color it's no color only humans of God's liking ok what if white actually=blk and vice-verse all you asses would probaly drop dead so people are people so what should just try live life in harmony i love all nationality of women

Mr.Michael Sterns

Here we go again i want to touch on this issue of hair tell me say this it's not about money it's about people not having pride in who they are first of all no one was born with good hair but to make it good we all have to train our hair just like anything else that is good so get over that hair fix shit and am so tired of some of the blk women in the world going around hollering about oh i must have a baby by a differnt nationality so my child can have good hair are beautiful eyes are nice skin tone that's sadden me as a blk man if you gonna get with someone do it out of love dummies that go's for you other nationalies as well teach kids of all colors to love themselves first and foremost i been a man of nappy are kinky desenct am pround that my mother and grandmother taught me better it waht you carry on the inside that matter outward looks mean nothing if you are ugly on the inside remember that i've seen white people with hair as nappy as mines nose as big as mine english as bad as mine jew,mex,etc...... so we all are in the same bread basket i hope this wake some of you people up what you all need to be doing in prepairing yourselves for the coming of the real judge he want be worried about your hair color money etc.... he'll be coming for what's left of that soul if anyone got comments replies etc..... hit me up we can debate all day and i come up a winner everytime i deal with thruth can you dispell me huh huh


I,m a attractive brown skin black woman. Never been imtimidated by a white woman. I feel what i got in my culture white woman want what i have.

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