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April 02, 2008


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maria somers

I would like to contact Collin Pawell to come to our graduation ceremony and give a speech. How do I contact him. We are a school of a large number of minority. I would love him to come and give our students a wonderful exit speech.

Dr. Sapphire

To: Tennessee Republican Party
From: Dr. Sapphire who is not yet ‘really’ proud of the USA
RE: Michelle Obama ‘really proud of America’ expression unappreciated

Mrs. Michelle Obama appears to be a real patriot of the USA. She expressed that she is feeling ‘really’ proud these days of her country. I imagine her viewing masses of Americans of all complexions, ages, economic classes and cultures getting involved in a campaign to change some of what is bad in American just thrills her. However, the Tennessee Republican Party is targeting her to launch just another confederate based anti- patriot campaign aimed again to block the Barack Obama movement for change.

I offer you views of the USA that makes your form of patriotism distasteful. The USA continues to treat their poor children of all complexions poorly. A poor country like CUBA provides universal health care and education through college ‘free’ to all of their children. The USA does not. I am not proud of this reality.

I am not proud of the USA ‘wall building’ to block the entrance of Mexicans who are poor because the Europeans stole over half of their best lands. We owe the Mexicans!

I am not proud of the USA 51st state of zion called Israel. The worst European apartheid state of the new century is supported with our taxes while Americans go without health care. The European Jews are victims of a European (Germany orchestrated) genocide, not an Arab genocide. Why does the USA support this state that terrorizes Palestinians?
I am not proud because these millions of dollars should be used to either support a one state democratic Palestine, or to subsidize medications to the Elders here at home.

I am not proud of much of the USA history and current events like the Iraq war, the blocking of medications to Cuba, and the Burma regime like treatment of the victims of Katrina who are still homeless and unsettled, and its racist immigration policies.

I have a list of reasons why I am still not ‘really’ proud of my country that my ancestors’ slave labor helped to build. Our government still pressures for reparations to the white Miami Cubans and white Jews but not for black African Americans & brown Mexicans.
I am not proud of the USA fork tongue foreign policy...supporting apartheid Isarel, dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Egypt but then wants to attack Venezuela and Cuba.
I am not proud of the multi-million dollar bribe of the Egyptian regime. This money could be used in Tennessee to build homes and award tuition for low income children.

Mrs. Michelle Obama would most likely not agree with my political views and may even consider my views ‘appalling’. Still, I am one of many African women in the USA who will not stand by and allowed you to harass Mrs. Obama, or any African Americans’ woman on the issue of patriotism, without consequences. African American women all over the global African Diaspora are prepared to organize on the Tennessee Republican Party to teach you why many of the African American mothers, sisters, grand-mothers, and daughters have not always been ‘really’ proud of the USA.
Yet, our love for America maybe the only reason God is giving this wealthy empire time to get its affairs in order. However, African Americans love for our country tends not to be displayed by the flag waving arrogance that insisted on dehumanizing our people and other peoples for centuries. The Tennessee GOP rendering of patriotism is to a racist, imperialist and white supremacy America. This form of patriotism is prayerfully fading into a beautiful multi-cultural mosaic of complexions of peoples who know that wealth and freedom is sufficient to share with all Americans, including you. Be not among the foolish! Come Tennessee GOP, and your likes, to join the campaign for a just change.

Michelle Obama is probably one of the best USA ‘patriots’ you will find among African American women. In comparison, there are those, as myself, who are proud to say that I do not care a morsel for the concept of patriotism to any nation. Other than the global nation of people of justice, truth, liberty and freedom, who may live anywhere on earth, national patriotism is akin to tribal arrogance. The USA governments have the ability to do much more to do to advance real democracy, justice, equality, and peace to kindle national patriotism in my mind. So, appreciate Mrs. Obama’s pride in her nation! I too am proud of the American peoples coming out for a change from the old Tennessee GOP politics.

Finally! Again! You will not now be allowed to blemish the honor of our beloved sister, Michelle Obama, to promote your confederate agenda under that transparent flag of colonial patriotism, without overwhelming responses from the women of Africa!

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