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September 27, 2008


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Joseph Gaddy

It sicken me to hear Black people argue the subject of back Jesus.I really don't know where they get their information?It's to my understanding there is no such person as Jesus Christ.Black People,do the research and stop looking like FOOLS.Africa is a very large continent,I'm sure you'll find your real/true God there.Once again,educate yourselves and children and stop fighting over an European's demigod.If Jesus was real I wouldn't own up to him.He descended from a line of whores and pimps and his attitude toward mankind is just plain stupid.
Everyone is always crying Jesus but,I've never seen a person that when someone steals his coat,he gives the theft his shirt as well.Religious people are kill crazy freaks.And black Christians are very stupid,holding on to the slave master savior.Yes,I'm a BLACK MAN...!


Well my brother whether you’re Black or not,
I don’t understand your reasoning. If you choose
not to believe in Jesus that’s your prerogative.
This site’s purpose is focus in on the truth about Jesus.

Its seems to me that your misguided anger should not be directed at Black people, many of whom have believed and some still do, that Jesus was white only because of the false information and images we have been feed. This misinformation has all to do with sustaining white supremacy and not black stupidty, as you state.

If you have any facts pertaining to this subject please post them. This site is about an honest exchange of ideas. Thanks for posting yours.

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