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November 04, 2008


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ALma L. Ingram, RN , MPA< CCRN. - doctoral candidate

This is a great website. Congrats,
Keep up the great work.

More Blacks need to email Tom Daschle- weekly and be bold on insurance co. CEO's need to change like the CEO's of the auto industry. No more 12 million dollar bonuses, private jets. Walk. Loose weight. Prevention and drop everyone's monthly premium to $200.00/ month. Not the $545.oo per month that I pay for a family of 4 who are healthy w BMI's of 19- 28/. Enough is enough. A wellness and prevention clause must be agreed upon and developed by all US citizens. Not the bureaucrats. The middle class and working por...US... must run this show of healthcare reform. We all need the coverage that the senators in Washington have. If you are eating chips, cakes, cookies, and fast food all day, a couch potato, then you must be referred to a mandatory psychological leptin, self- body abuse class before the tax-payers waste additional $$$ on your bad non- compliant behavior. No national health coverage until Americans take personal responsibility for their 240- 300 cholestrol levels, elevated liver enymes- ETOH and still drink 3-5 beers per week despite MD advice. Remove funds form their social security checks for non- compliant fools who tax the system due to sickening behaviors. Tom Daschle must appoint 20 RN's, 10 MD's 20, pharmacist 10 -PTs, 5 bishops, 2 priest, 10 teachers and 3 attorneys to his healthcare longevity panel to get the real picture. Each person must take better control of their own health. Four trips to Mc Donalds per week- and we the taxpayers will pay for all of their insulin injections d/t bad eating habits. PLeasssse! :)
Thanks for listening and please forward it to a " real President" Bro. Barack Obama, MD, JD, ... and to Dr. T. Daschle, RN, MD, JD.
A. Ingram, RN, MPA, C. - in Texas
Emergency Room Trauma Coordinator and Airlife Commander -N- Chief! Check out my book:
Pilot: " Don't land this helicopter"... Until They Pay Us! - sold out ... till 4/2009.
God Bless and Be a blessing to someone.

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