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December 19, 2008


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there are always gonna be racists in the world. i dont think it has anything to do with why there are no black people in NASCAR though. this website seems to be run by a black supremacist who cries out racism over every issue while holding prejudices himself. its quite unfortunate. people could of said it was sexism why a woman wasnt in NASCAR, but it wasnt. it was just because no woman had ever been in NASCAR. danica patrick changed it. quit looking at the world and dividing it by race, otherwise you are no better than the person wearing that despicably racist shirt.


Hector I'm glad you're so consumed with my blog since you've taken the time to post multiple comments.You'll enjoy today's article I posted about Nascar's recent diversity efforts. I'm sure you don't have any problems with everyone getting a fair chance as long as they're qualified, regardless of race especially when it makes good marketing sense. If you do, then we both know what your comments are about after all.

Black Lady in Motorsports

Well my sister and I are black and we both have degrees in Motorsports from HBCU's in NC...I have a degree in Motorsports Engineering and she have a degree in Motorsports Business and Marketing..she is the top of her class.I also carry and high GPA. We applied to dozens of internships, jobs, we got a lot of emails about positions, they were ready to work with us but when they found out we are black no call backs.....Diversity in NASCAR only means white women..When you go to the NASCAR R&D Center, or the Corporate building that is all you see...I'm from NC and that is what I see! I volunteer every race and event..in Concord..the only black person you will see is answering the phones or sweeping. I work hard to be the first black female with a engineering degree specialized in motorsports technology...I can do fab/welding work on race cars, but do you think I get a call back..hell no...my sister is the TOP of her class..Bernard from INDY loved her ideas to bring minorities into open wheel..Hidi from Shell love her...cause her work is amazing.they make excuses on the reason why they will not hire us....or give us a intern..we are willing to do a free internship....but anyways..we have a plan..we will not give up....

NASCAR is all about who you know...and when black people trying to get into NASCAR we don't know anyone...so it makes it extra hard for us...I love motorsports but to be honest..what is the percent of black people working in circle track....less then 5%..and I'm being nice....I have the degrees but no job in Motorsports....I'm a girlie girl..I'm love pink but I can turn a wrench just like the next dude...in High Heels!


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