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January 21, 2009


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It sounds like you're making whites out to be ignorant racist bigots. The percentage of Americans eligible to vote who are of white decent are at least 76.3% while the total non-black voters demographic is approximately 88%. If whites were truly as ignorant as you seem to imply in this article and have some form of 'supremacy' then the fact that Obama was voted into office alone is a lie. Obama would have had to gain a hefty amount of votes from the white population to have been elected so cleanly and in such a land-slide. So I ask you, if white supremacy truly exists, how did Obama get elected by a voting population comprised majorly of white voters who could have just as easily elected a white war veteran into office?

Race should have nothing to do with it. Whenever I am reading up on politics the second I see the word 'minority', 'race', 'black', 'white', etc. it just completely turns me off from the entire article/website. When I look at a person I see one race, the human race. We are all people and we are all human beings. Racism is a thing of the past and we should all just forget about it and moved forward. Moving forward is all we can do.


to forget about it would be the biggest mistake we could make. In order to insure it dosent happen again we must address it and find a way to move into a brighter tomorrow together


In 2012 Wells Fargo Bank was charging Blacks and Hispanics more for the same mortgage as Whites. Racism is alive and well institutionalized.

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