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March 21, 2009


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d ross

This is no different than what Brandy did in the Cinderella story produced for TV by Whitney Houston -- which had a Hispanic Prince .. so...


Ross, thanks for your response but I disagree. Since most light skin Hispanics see themselves as white and the media has no problem in portraying them as such, there is a difference.

A recent example is Desperate House Wives
where Eva Longoria and Richard Antonio who
are hispanic have had business, personal and
intimate relationships with all of the other
characters on the show.

When the producers tried to introduce a
Black character, acclaimed actress Alfred
Woodard into the show and another Black male
character, they portrayed them as mysterious,
devious outsiders. Both were quickly dropped
from the show after a few episodes, when the
show's producers felt uncomfortable
weaving their characters into the usual
weekly plots. By the way, in real life,
Alfred Woodards husband is white.


Why should the princess need a black prince? Maybe the point disney is making is that love knows no colour?


Complaining because there are observedly no black leading characters is combatting racism. Complaining because a particular character isn't black or the other half of a couple isn't black is reinforcing racism.


I find it appalling that people are asking for a black prince to accompany the black princess! The story takes place in New Orleans, a city that is well know for its segregation in class and race, to just issue a black prince would seem close-minded to me. To say that there should be or must be "black love" is more ignorant than breaking down borders and issuing an interracial couple. I don't see the problem with her original design as a chambermaid either, the focus of the story is her getting her prince, not the job she has! Furthermore, Cinderella and Snow White were both maids and did not stir up any controversy (as far as I'm concerned). To clump all the Disney princesses and say they married their respective race, is just stupid. You can't simply say that the princesses were white (excluding Mulan, Pocahontas, and Jasmine) and that they married just White princes. Ariel married Eric, which didn't seem the typical "white" prince to me, The beast married the French Belle, the Greek hero Hercules married Megaera (Meg), etc. For those people that want to stop racism and prejudice, stop clumping all these ethnicities under "White" or appearances as "White". As far as the excluded three go, it's applied to context. History supports Pocahontas going with John Smith/John Ralph, and the chance of diversity among China in the Tang Dynasty of Mulan and the backstreets of Agrabah are zilch. New Orleans has a very large number of blacks, creoles, Cajuns, and other mulattos, so that is why a white, middle eastern, brazillian....whatever, can flourish. I'd be angry and offended if they did have an African prince! I think as an interracial child, interracial children and those who are not interracial, can benefit from the couple as it stands-it basically says that love or at least chivalry and a happy ending, transcends race.  As far as people having problems with the antagonist Voo Doo priest because he is black/Creole, are there any Cajun voo doo practitioners? That's curiosity not condescension.  I applaud Disney and say, it's about time! I've been wanting a black princess (my other options were Jasmine and Pocahontas) for a long time to complete the classics! I'm so glad they're going to the original 2D model to fit the late 80's/all of 90's cult classics.  If anyone saw the trailer, did the frog's voice sound like John Cleese's Jean-Bob from "The Swan Princess?" perhaps it was all the excitement of another princess joining the infamous ranks.  To the person that said that people are more likely to date from their own racial background, interracial children are higher in population than non-mixed children. -Kendra <3 

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