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April 26, 2009


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My old pastor used to comment that in the White communities, the dollar turns over 11 times.
In the Asian community, it is 7
In the Latino community, it is 4
In the Black community, it is "One and Done".

We take OUR money and run to Rodeo Drive instead of Crenshaw.

Or, we take OUR money and buy counterfeits that help fund the flow of drugs into our children's.



Is reverse racism still racism? YES!

You're asking the wrong question.

Is It Racist For Blacks To Support Black Businesses? YES!
BUT... Is it wrong? Is it necessary? Is it possibly the only way to redress other problems? These are questions that have to be answered by each person's ethics.

So it's a bit of a cop-out to ask if racist behaviour is still racist just because it's going in a politically correct direction. Just ask if it's ethical in the circumstances.


To clarify, I didn't mean the above comment as a correction, I just thought maybe we should look at it another way because we spend so much time equating racism with wrong -- meaning that any reverse racism done for a positive reason couldn't be racism because that would be wrong.

In an absolute sense any discrimination is wrong. But we live in a world where it's not absolutely perfect and some relative wrongs and rights need to be balanced.

Some good questions have been asked, including why is it considered okay for other groups of people. To me and, I suspect, a lot of other people, it isn't necessarily okay. But to many others it has just been traditional and "the way of the world". Human beings have a way of being both fearful and lazy about changing "the way of things".

I don't think it's necessarily wrong for a group to be a little racist in matters of self-preservation as a group. I say group because we're not just talking about race or even ethnicity when we're talking universally. We're talking about something analogous to geographical groups ("Save our Town, Buy Local" campaigns) as well as to any group of people finding themselves on the wrong end of an entire history of exploitation and exclusion (like Jewish communities, Irish in recent history, lots of people). Let's be honest, it's discrimination, it's not technically "right". But how else do groups of people survive in a world that tears up groups that don't have support networks and eats people alive without mercy?

True, as human beings we need to get beyond all forms of racism and discrimination, even positive efforts, but first we have to survive. We have to take care of each other as members of smaller groups (neighborhood) and larger groups (ethnicity and cultural identity) because those are sometimes more manageable as well as the ultimate group (as human beings on one world).

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