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April 11, 2009


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Once again the thought of Jesus being black has to be debated as if it is a sin to be black. The fact is , the location from where Jesus was born was a continent of dark skinned people , then we have people saying he was a jew as if there were , and still aren't any black jews. There is nothing to be afraid of just accept the truth. Black people have accepted the white man's views on everything for so long. When you seek truth God reveals and we have the right to believe Jesus is black just like our grandparents and their parents believed he was white.

BettyLou Smith-Shuck

I am considered a white person. I have known that Jesus is black forever, because God was Black, and God's son would look like his father, so being that God is black it only makes sense that his son would be black too! There are many scriptures in the Holy Bible God's word proves this fact. Study for yourself and you will believe when God Himself reveals it to you through his Word.


I consider myself mixed... I am American (Caucasian) half German with my father being Italian. I associate myself w the Italian side of my family as my German/Lutheran side did not like the fact that my mom married an Italian man who was Roman Catholic on top of it.

I have believed the hypothesis that Jesus was Black or mixed to be true. I found this out while attending a 90% white full-gospel church. The pastor explained the biblical lineage of Christ descending from King David as his great grandfather Boaz married a Moabite woman http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/LineageOfLukeAndMatthew.htm). The difficulty is the line of Mary is not defined clearly since she was a woman (http://www.scripturessay.com/article.php?cat=&id=400) but it is believed she also was from the tribe of Judah with lineage of King David. Therefore I do believe Jesus was Black and Jewish as the biblical lineage indicates. The argument begins as the bible indicates Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit yet still I believe her lineage to be the same tribe as her husband Joseph.

Finally, I personally consider all people to be one race, the human race. I acknowlege we come from different ethnic backrounds. I teach Science at a school that is 95% Black. I say Black not to offend but because the students are not all African-American. Some are from Africa and were not born American. Some are from other areas besides USA. I tell my students most humans are ALL mixed now as even globally most tribes have inter-married with other tribes. I explain that research indicates DNA links us all to Africa and the continent known as Pangea. An ancient ice man was found at the top of a mountain in Italy and it was determined he was Black. Because I use this approach right away in the school year, my students and I are completely accepting of each other and experience no racial discord. I do experience typical 8th grade attitudes and behavior troubles which have nothing to do with ethnic backrounds but more to do with socio-economic causes.

I now attend a church that is multi-racial. People I know and hang with believe Jesus was multi-racial, meaning mixed with a Black and Jewish lineage. In my experience, white people I know have no problem accepting this fact whatsoever. I am from the Chicago area and perhaps those I associate with are more open-minded since it is 2009 now not 1949!

Delon Addai abed Shlamon

my friend dont take it offensive when people try to draw jesus christ as a beautifull blonde haired blue eyed white person they do this becouse thats what they think jesus wouild have looked like so they draw hem in the best most beautifull way they can. i know the fact is he wasnt blue eyed he wasnt blonde haired. but he was a scary looking bearded man with long hair and beard, a smelly carpenter which people at that time judged hem by hes cover and not by hes personality. they saw hem straight away they wouild think he is a hobo and no way a god. they had in mind the messiah wouild come to earth in a white horse wouild be beautifull handsome smells good and wouild give them all gold and money. they didnt know he came to judge them and tell them right from wrong. so you see people arent racist they just portray jesus in the most beautifull way they can.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder my friend. We all can debate our preferences for what is attractive or beautiful. This blog's objective is to present the truth about Jesus Christ. If you have any facts that are counter to what's here please present them. Thanks for posting your opinion.


First of all the debate of race when it comes to Jesus, Is very ignorant. I really feel this is a pointless discussion. To the person who really wants to believe he was black and for that matter those who shutter at the thought. We know because of the Holy Scripture that he was a descendant of David. That is all we know!!!! And even that really does not apply as far as genetics and or skin color, because no man or anything derived by man like DNA was applied in the conception of Jesus. HE was already God, merely taking the form of man. Therefore none of the back and forth is realtive or necessary. READ THE BIBLE people. HE was and Always will GOD. NOT a man!!!!


Edwin facts as it relates to all of history
matter. Facts are never ignorant only people.
As human beings, facts allow us to
see people and situations for what they really
are now how others want them to be.
I find it interesting that as the real biblical and
scientfic facts of Jesus have refuted
the false image that continues to be
presented worldwide, increasingly people
like yourself are quick to say, why does it matter.
If Christ's truthful image didn't matter you would
not have bothered to question the facts. If you
have any facts to support your opinion please
to post them.


Acts 8:26 - 38 makes it clear that black people were and are Hebrews. Philip shares the Word and baptizes an Ethiopian man here. Acts 10:28 shows his interaction with a white (either Greek or Roman) centurion, in which he makes it clear to call this man a gentile, and no such thing was said to the Ethiopian. Moreover, Acts 11:19 states that the word was only to be shared by fellow HEBREWS. How could the Ethiopian then not be among them? And Acts 13:1 shows that one of the spreaders of the message was named Simeon and "called Niger." Niger, in Greek, means black. And need I explain the implications with a certain African nation...

anthony jj fierro

I have a mural oil painting 7ftx11ft found in Italy & is now in the USA portraying Black JewsProbably Ethiopian or Falashan Beta Israel Jews & I cant get anyone to exhibit it publicly for me? Anybody out there can you help me give the world a missing link og Coptic Christianity @ its best! Desperate.

anthony jj fierro

I believe I unearthed a lost piece of history from the Middle-East historical-cultural-religious era . Its a mural oil painting on linen 7ftx1ft size of Coptic-Christian masteriece. Can someone help me get it in world exposure ? Desperate!


I find all of this debating very interesting. I have been studying the bible for many years,and as a Man Of God who has dark skin... I too believe that Jesus was a man with dark skin. Most people would classify me as black, and say that I should be proud to be black. I am more proud to be a man of God than to be a man of Color. I love all Colors, and yes I do believe the truth needs to be revealed to the people. JESUS WAS A DARK SKINNED MAN! There... Its said... He had Origins in which we can speculate about, but will never know fully until more is revealed or until we get to heaven... But the fact is that I said it... take it or leave it. Jesus never forced anyone to receive truth. He offered it in Love, gentleness, kindness, and Joy!
More importantly Jesus is the savior of the whole earth. He was born into sin so that we would live lives more abundantly. I feel that as a body of believers our focus should be on his ministry... not on his color.
Too many people of color like myself have for so long failed at trying to find their identity in the race of Christ...and not the Holy spirit of the one true living God who showed himself in the body of Jesus Christ!


I believe Jesus was and is a Black man. I am proud of that. I make no opologies for what I believe about our Savior and Redeemer.

About 4 years ago, I kept thinking about Jesus and what color He really was. As a Christian, I didn't want to focus on this too much because I thought It would get me off track from the spiritual realities of Christs teachings. Nevertheless, this nagging question did not go away. Finally, I prayed and asked God was He Black and should I be so concerned about it. I kept on praying untill I got my answer. The Answer knocked me off my feet. Instead of the Lord saying yes I am Black or no I am not Black, or it doesn't matter, I heard Him say to me in my spirit, "I AM the Spirit of truth."

Now all of the historical, biblical, scientific facts etc., point to the fact that the original Jews were Black people. So Jesus was Black. I don't go around telling everyone this or trying to make others believe the way I believe, but I just rest in knowing the truth about Jesus.

We African American people suffer from a sickness that I call (I don't matter because something else is always more important than me). Look. If White people felt that the color of Jesus was so important that they gradually changed His image from black to white over time, then it is important to know His real color and racial origin. Depicting Jesus as a White man is an outright LIE! We all know that satan is the father of lies.

To my White brothers and sisters out there, I love you and I don't mean any disrespect or malace towards you.

Wake up people. Love and worship our Lord and Savior for who He really is in every aspect of His being. Jesus is on His way back real soon!


Most blessed be you all for the wonderful revelations YAH has entrusted to you to deliver to the world at such a time as this. My prayer and hope is that one day the people of YAH will rise up and return to him with all their heart and all their soul and with outstreatched arms He will accept us and bring us back to our inheritance. Again, thank you ten thousand times ten thousand. Tresley Amir Marecheau: [email protected]

Kenyatta Dawson

The definative proof that Christ(KRST) is black, would be all the images of Black Madona in the cathederals of europe and East Africa

keyatta dawson

Moreover, the original jews were known as IUs. they were a colony of Kushites, (also known as Nubians and or Ethiopians) that migrated to Egypt. the IUS were followers of the KRST(the anointed one), and the first trinatarians. THe Chrit consciousness is an eternal continuum that existed before Yasua(jesus) The presence of the IUs in Egypt predates the Hebrews by thousands of years. The bible states that Mosees was learned in all the wisdom of Egypt. The essential wisdom of Egypt comes from the IUs


How is Jesus black? He wasn't white either, but he was middle eastern, so he was darker skinned. Black people as a whole didn't even hear the word of god until missionary's went to Africa. As well as when they were driven into slavery. So how did Jesus come from a people that still hopped around in rain skirts, and their primary hunting tool was a spear, who prayed to rain gods. They were a sinful people. So again how did Jesus become black, let me guess a magic trick, the moment one African heard the word of god his skin changed. God can't be black because he isn't in human form, he is basically an entity. Please, enlighten me.


Also stop subjugating white people as, White people" Are you serious, there are more diverse backgrounds to the white race. So stop putting us in one category. I'm of German, Irish, Scottish, and British decent. So stop being racist towards whites. I accept a middle eastern Jesus, why do you insist in pushing your ways, nobody will believe you anyway. Nobody truly knows who the first Jews were, everything is a speculation. If your not over a thousands years old than all your thoughts are just theory's. If you were to look at the stone etchings, if you want supposed evidence, in walls of all the ancient stone structures of people around that area and time, EVEN EGYPT, they had Mongoloid features. Not Caucasian, not black/common African featuristics. How about except that Jesus died for your sins, with his median colored complexion.

Response To Matt

Matt, if you agree that Jesus wasn't white, then direct your venomous anger at Newsweek, CNN, and white Christianity for being duplicitous in the lie. If the truth makes you angry so be it.

Hector Mayers

Matt you need to learn something about church history,Christianity was in Africa long before it went to Europe. The Coptic Church from Egypt and The Ethiopian Church are older than any church in Europe by at least 150 years. You should also read the writings of Tasitus a Roman historian who writes that the Jews who were numerous in Rome and the rest of Europe were dark skinned and resembled Ethiopians. Does not sound white or olive skinned to me. The only Christianity Europe brought was thier perverted version to enslave non whites.


Matt, your post is the most ignorant, biased and totally devoid of anything factual, other than your venomous concept of Blacks as a whole. You would be a pillow in most of the churches here that are festering and promoting your way of thinking, most likely your way of worship.

Wilson Fisk

The issue,folks, is this: The people today who the world acknowledges as jews are in fact not proper jew. They are ethnic Khazar/Pagan German convert followers of Talmudism - not the religion of the bible. This fact coupled with the fact that there is no such thing as a "black" race is what confuses people to the truth. Euro-Jews are and have always been a powerful and wealthy group. This does not match the description of what would happen to the jews of the bible if they did not accept the messiah. The REAL Jews are the blacks of the east and west coasts of africa and their slave descendants in the americas and indian ocean. Afro americans are Black Hebrew Isrealites. The blackness of the ancient egyptians and jews are attested to by ancient WHITE historians such as Herodotus and Tacitus respectively. There are black Hamites and black Shemites but they are not the same race. This difference is known even today in east africa.

Steve Rodgers

It's interesting. The automatic reflex of Blacks when someone asks why anyone would portray Jesus as Black, is "Well, he's not blond and blue-eyed either!" Of course he isn't! He was a Jew! A middle easterner! If someone portrays him as blue eyed and blond, he's wrong! If someone portrays him as black or oriental, he's wrong!


Well Steve while I'm glad you
agree that Jesus wasn’t white,
that's the whole purpose for this site.
You now need to share your
revelation with the general media,
and major white Christian
organization who keep falsely portraying
him as such.

As for your conclusion that he couldn’t
have been dark skin because he was a Jew
and from the Middle East, you need
to re-read and take a second look
at the documentation and pictures
I have provided. As for his skin color,
you can choose to embrace the facts
or remain in denial. Those who say
why does it matter. If it didn't matter then
why do we continue to see this false
white image.


To all those ignorant writer that's still can't believe jesus was black. Read the Bible... the bible isn't lieing... find all the scripture there and then maybe you accept it then The bible speaks the truth


The wisdom of God. There is no room for debating. Anyone who is literate knows as a baby most humans are at their lightest skin pigmentation at birth. And baby Christ to young boy blended into African society with wooly locks of hair and bronze feet.


Well...I'm pretty sure DNA speaks the loudest. If you have a black parent and a white parent then you cannot by any explanation be considered only one or the other. Sorry, does not work that way, never has, never will. My son is the product of two races, he is a mixed race child. When we pray, we see no face is our hearts or minds, when we pray we see love for all. We don't give the first thought to the color of GOD, we know ALL colors are made by him. Love and Peace to all...



That may be the case for you and your son, but that is not true of the false dominant Caucasian image that has been presented worldwide as truth for centuries.


Sorry, I didn't realize the only comment this blog wishes to see are those that support your theory. You didn't recognize my thoughts and personal experience as being worthy of being on this post. Oh well, I will continue to look for those who want to actually exchange thoughtful ideas and experiences. You will recognize that the "world" thinks Jesus was white but you don't want to recognize that when two races mix, they become something other than what the "world" has come to accept. Biology will not allow us to choose one race over the other, we are one half our father and one half our mother. We can present all the "facts" we want to support the race of Jesus but unless we have his DNA, we will never know. Period. Jesus wants us to know him for his LOVE and to be an example to others. Black Jesus, White Jesus, will never matter to those who love him. When I look at your beautiful rendention of Black Jesus I feel the same as when I recall a photo of white Jesus. It's just an image. I hope we can evolve to a place where skin color holds no matter, it will just be seen as another beautiful product of His LOVE.


Cynthia if I weren't open to ideas, I would have deleted your first post. I have to do it daily to the bigots who don't want to accept the truth. This blog isn't about theory, its about facts. Facts that clearly dispel the lie that Jesus was white, blond and blue eyed. Should color have anything to do with
your belief in Jesus, No. But the truth always matters.
That's why the phrase "Black Jesus" is search for
worldwide thousands of times per month. Peace.


There are no facts about Christ's color, nor should it even be of discussion. Christ was of Jewish decent and there are and were Jews of light and dark skin. It's unfortunate that the creator of this thread has made this about race when Jesus was about love and acceptance. Please brother, as a fellow Christian, I ask to follow Jesus's teachings and put away your anger and apparent jealousy for Caucasians. We are all God's children and he does not judge us by the color of our sin, but the love in our heart.


Jason, its not about jealousy, it about Caucasians like yourself admitting and facing up to the truth. If you have proof that Jesus was white, as is being presented now on the History Channel's series, the Bible, please post it. I find it interesting in the face of the facts, most Caucasians like yourself say why does it matter, while continuing to present a false image of Jesus. The Truth always matters. Peace.


As I have stated, we don't know the truth. I agree that he was not white. He was not a Gentile, he was of Jewish decent. Now how dark or light the color of his skin was is not known.


Jason, we do know the truth. You have proved
my point and the purpose of this blog. Jesus
was not white, no matter how many Newsweek
covers or "The Bible" TV specials that are
presented to distort the truth.


John 500,000 searches a month for the
phrase "Black Jesus" says there are a lot
of people word wide who want to know the truth .
I'm sure you don't have any less faith and trust
in our Savior given the obvious hidden facts.
The truth always matters.


I am a undergrad college student. Reading this blog, I have noticed that many of whites from different descendants are more likely to state that the race of Jesus doesn't matter. In fact, they can accept him any color but black. There is an abundance of blacks on this earth who do not know who they are. In order to to move forward passed milestones in life they must begin to know their origins. As many whites can trace back to their roots, blacks have trouble finding their identity. Fact is Jesus is black! The truth opens doors to those that are blind and as a christian you should know these morals. Religion, Race, Success,and Education are a few of many categories subliminally dominated by white supremacy. As a 19 year old black young lady, I refuse to accept the falsified replication of Jesus.In retrospect, I am a Christian and his blood shed and his love are much more relevant than the color of my redeemer skin. Society just need to face the facts and stop ignoring the truth.


God's word is a consuming Fire. I am consumed. No matter earthen vessel chosen to bring forth this word made flesh to dwell among us. The fact of the matter is God is The Father of my brother Jesus Christ. Therefore our nationality/race/kind is simply (god) and I am only in this family because of the blood of Jesus and my faith, that is not being taken for granted, that, The Father has given every man. I Believe! Since it is enough for God it is enough for god (us) Make Your Peace.? (John3:16)(Isaiah 57:15-21)

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