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May 08, 2009


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Hi Charles, thanks for the Black Pullman Porter story. My uncle Jessie was a
Pullman for over thirty or forty years for the old L&N railroad whereas my
grandfather (Daddy Joe) worked for Southern Railways in Alabama laying
railroad tracks and maintaining the rails,(they have both passed and would
have been close to 100 years of age to date). Both my uncle and grandfather
told us great stories of their past and I remember always loving to hear
about their railroad stories and the appreciation of hard work during that
era. I recall my uncle Jessie to this day with the white jacket and black
pants wearing the Pullman's hat. Now that the Pullman's stories have been
told, I think that it is time for the rail workers story told. They had the
most grueling and heart breaking job. Think about the number of men out
there in the sun and elements lifting those heavy railroad tracks and not to
imagine the treatment they received from their white boss. Again, thanks for the wonderful information that you have shared with all of us and keeping us informed. God Bless!!!!

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