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December 20, 2009


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images of Jesus

Being of Jewish heritge, there shoudl be no doubt that Jesus was not a caucasian. Interesting that it seems to challenge so many people to verbalize this fact.


Hello to you also,
I am so glad whenever someone brings this to the forefront. I live in NYC but in upper NY Christmas eve, someone painted the baby Jesus black. Of course the Caucasians were hysterical that someone had defaced the property. I think someone was giving the message to the church that Jesus was Black. It seems so difficult for white folks to understand. I admire a TV minister, Pastor Robison (not Pat Robinson) but Robison, who stood up on his pulpit on TV and said to his white audience, "Jesus was a black Man." Kudos for him! These white Nativity scenes ruffle my feathers and instead of a tree next year, I'm putting an African Nativity scene on my table and will continue for the years to come.

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