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December 22, 2010


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My father being a Baptist Preacher for 62 years before his death, taught us that the true Jesus was Black, and many of the Biblical Characters were. That King James had his scribes to on purpose put the lie in the Bible regarding Ham and so much more to push the Black Slavery issue. He was born in 1896 and learned this information from attending a Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland in 1917, during his stay in the military before, during, and after WWI. He explained to us that writer, Mr. Rogers had uncovered so many Whites, who were Mulat-toes, and were ashamed to be, therefore they presented themselves as White. He said we should research our History and spread the knowledge to others. He said that Jesus, Moses and others of the Bible were Black in the pulpit of many rural churches. He never backed down and refused to let White Politicians enter any church he was pastor of to push for the Black Vote. He truly was a man, among the few. I have taught this to all races of students and have not had any problems in presenting these researched topics of truth to my classes. We must keep the truth flowing.

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