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February 15, 2011


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Maurice Rose

Is television anti-Black? Actors: Bald-headed Black man #2. Why is it that most, if not all Black men on television are bald, without hair on their heads? The distinguishable curly, or Afro-textured, hair of Black People is missing, or 'deleted'. All Black men must be without hair on television, it seems. And all Black Women must have straight hair, not at all curly. Black Women must have the same hair as White Women, and all Black Men must not have any hair at all apparently. Aside from their skin, Blacks must not "look" Black. Native Americans feel the length of their hair shows how long they have been alive. It's bad enough that Black actors are not distinguishably Black. There is nothing discernibly Black in their characters. Blacks are mostly tokens on television. It is required, by Law, that there be at least one visible minority on any given television show (all the characters can not be White, or the same culture). They use the Black actors because Blacks are the most discernibly not White, they stand out in contrast the most. Asians, Indians, and other minorities are not 'dark' enough, so they use Black Peoples as their standby, go-to minority. But there is nothing particularly "Black" about these characters played by Black people. It's as though the 'character' is actually a White person, merely being played by a Black actor. The "producers" of these television shows have gone as far as desiring that they not have Black curly, or woolly hair. Black males are to be without hair. Black women are to have their hair straight, like white women (why is it that women shave the hair off their legs, their underarms, their 'bikini' lines, but never their heads; and why is it that men don't shave their legs, underarms, or man-scape, but shave their heads? just an observation). Next time you watch television, count how many Black men have their heads shaven, and see if you can see one Black women with her 'natural' hair. BET doesn't count (how many white people on BET shows?). What's wrong with natural curly hair on Black women? Why are Black women trying so hard to be white people, denying their heritage? If Black men went about with nothing but straight hair, Black women would call them sellouts. Why is it different with Black Women? Just a question.

interested party

First of all you have a number of issues scambled in the piece above.

I'm not sure that the fact that a large number of men on television are bald is a function of the studio wanting them to appear bald, my thought is that in some cases the actor, performer, announcer etc. chooses to remove any real confirmation of his race if his head is bald, makes it kind of difficult for you to be definitive if the kink isn't there, isn't it?

Unfortunately, in a number of cases blacks born in the US are not yet comfortable with their natural selves, but who can blame them, if you have lived one way for whatever reason, it is not the easiest thing to switch gears, particular if one has bought into or been brain-washed to believe someone else's idea of beauty.

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