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May 26, 2011


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i think you really need to realize just what this study actually showed. yes it showed that there were less attractive black women, but thats because there are less black women in the country. lets say there is a 10:1 ratio of women to very attractive women. that would mean 10% of white women are very attractive, and 10% of black women are very attractive. however when you gather a sample size of 100 people, the demographics for black women hurt them. there is a smaller number of actual very attractive black women so there are less that get included in the study therefore the study "shows" black women are less attractive. there is a direct causation of the demographic percentages and the attractiveness found in the study.


It doesnt have anyhing to do with less attractive black women.. All women from other races is less attrative as much as some black women are.. so dont just pick out black women.. This just all boils down to once again the so called standard beauty is a white women.. It is a shame that america is sooo obsessed with race and beauty.White is nor right.. One thing I that dont make sense to me is why does every race worship the white race.. Can anyone explain that to me because it doesnt make any sense..


That's because the white dominated media doesn't want to create an image of inclusion. White supremacy says, I am in the image of Jesus Christ who is blond and blue eyed. He is the son of God and therefore God must be white. Since most Caucasions think that God is white, so he must have ordained that we be in charge exclusively.

And so being in charge, you decide who is beautiful to the detriment and exclusion of everyone else, especially those who appear to be the very opposite of you. And you perpetuate this sickness in American history classes and through media images spread globally so the status quo is maintained.

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