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July 08, 2011


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In this day and age, there is really
no need for any black woman to be
ashamed of her dark complexion. I
feel that it stems from low self esteem
and not being comfortable in your own
skin. My skintone is a golden caramel
and I wouldn't change it for anything.
Whereas, my sister's complexion is a dark
mahogany and she is absolutely beautiful!
We as a people need to stop buying into the
false myth of "White is Right" bullsh*t and love ourselves for the many beautiful shades that we come in. I don't know
about anyone else but I see my Black as Beautiful and am glad that I've been kissed by the Sun. *Peace*

Oscar Williams

My mother's skin was like coffie with cream (coffie light, please) When she spent time in the sun she was almost coffie with no cream. My father was copper tone of American Indian desent. I was born a ferternal twin. My mother told us when we were born she thought she had the wrong babies. We were white with strait hair. The white people at the hospitle snubbed their noses up at my mother and she was so ashamed that she would not look at us. Well as the days went by we began to darken up. That is our faces did. when we take off our shirts our bodies where light. As a little boy I wished my whole body was the same color, anything but white. I like being a man of color. The problem is with them (whites) not me.

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