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January 22, 2012


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Jerry E. Beuterbaugh (FishHawk)

"BlackJesus.com" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


Maurice Rose

Was Elenor Roosevelt Black? She seemed to have Black features, I guess like Babe Ruth.


Eleanor Roosevelt's Flight With The First Black Aviators:
Seventy years ago, in March of 1941, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt hopped in the back of pilot
C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson's plane at the Tuskegee Army Air Field in Alabama, and went for a flight. OK, it wasn't quite that casual; the event was actually a pretty big deal — because Anderson was Black.
The First Lady's visit marked the initiation of the U.S. Army's African-American Pilot Program and the activation of the first all-African American Military Aviation Unit: the 99th Pursuit Squadron.

Black Women in the United States Army Nurse Corps were assigned to Tuskegee Army Air Field Hospital to assist pilots and Cadets with physical and psychological problems. Part of their training included Ground School instruction, but they never flew during World War II.

During World War II, long and dangerous missions often meant that Fighters returned to their bases with only enough fuel in their airplanes to fly for three minutes. Pilots of the 15th Army Air Force Squadron formed "The Three Minute Egg Club." Membership was limited to pilots who landed within these narrow margins.

Maurice Rose

Tuskegee Airmen: 1940–1946
Tuskegee Experiment: 1932-1972

The Tuskegee Experiments were a 40 year Government sponsored medical study begun in 1932 that allowed 399 late stage syphilitic African American men to go untreated, even when safe and effective medical treatments were available in the 1940s. Also affected were 50 wives who were infected by their husbands and 20 children who were given the disease congenitally. When the study became public in 1972 after an expose by Jean Heller of the Associated Press, there was much public outcry with many in the Black Community saying the study already confirmed their suspicions of a Governmental plan for Genocide of Black Americans. Congress held Hearings to investigate the study resulting in passage of the 1974 National Research Act which implemented stricter Federal guidelines on research institutions using Federal money and mandating institutional review boards to oversee research using Human subjects-which are currently being violated on a grand scale.

- Peter Vogel's book "The Last Wave from Port Chicago" argues that the 'Port Chicago Disaster' was an accidental detonation, or intentional test, of a Nuclear Weapon on ships manned by (mostly African American) U.S. Sailors. It killed 320 Sailors and Civilians, and injuring 390 others. Most of the dead and injured were enlisted African-American Sailors. A month later, continuing unsafe conditions inspired hundreds of servicemen to refuse to load munitions, an act known as the 'Port Chicago Mutiny'. Seismographs at the University of California, Berkeley sensed the two Shock Waves traveling through the ground, determining the second, larger event to be equivalent to an earthquake measuring 3.4 on the Richter Scale. All 320 of the men on duty at the pier died instantly, and 390 Civilians and Military Personnel were injured, many seriously. African Americans hurt and killed totaled 202 dead and 233 injured, which accounted for 15% of all African-American Naval Casualties during World War II. Admiral Carleton H. Wright sent a report of the incident to Washington, DC, telling his superior officers that the men's "refusal to perform the required work arises from a mass fear arising out of the Port Chicago explosion." Wright's report was passed to President Franklin D. Roosevelt by Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal who added his opinion that it was "mass fear" motivating the work stoppage. Forrestal told Roosevelt that White units of munitions loaders were to be added to the rotation in order "to avoid any semblance of Discrimination against Negroes [sic]". Roosevelt forwarded a copy to his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, knowing of the First Lady's ongoing advocacy of Civil Rights for African Americans.


Lol please. I'm sick of this black Jesus nonsense. Jesus was a jew. He wasn't black he was jewish = middle eastern. And the description given in the bible is that he had lighter skin than the average jew. So he was nowhere near black. He was a lighter shade of brown than the average brown jew. People need to read the bible and learn some history before saying Jesus was black.


Matt you in fact need to take your own advice.
The facts have been presented here. If you have facts, not racist opinions to present to the contrary, please post it. Otherwise your anger and disbelief still doesn't change the scientific and biblical proof.

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