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January 01, 2015


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Robert Stone

After reading the information I have found here, it does seem to blow a lot of my belief system out of the water.
But Truth has a way of doing just that, I would like to thank you for the time and research that you have put into these articles they are turtle jewels of intelligent study, I can now say that I have been truly enlightened.


Jesus wasn't a black man or a white man, He was Jewish. Secondly, people need to read Revelation 1:14 "His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire". It doesn't say that His hair was like wool. It says that it was white as wool and it also makes reference to His head being white. Are we to suppose that Jesus is now a white man because it says that His head was white.


Brass isn't black in color, as a matter of fact, rose gold looks very similar to brass when polished. Black is black and dark doesn't mean a person is black. Olive skinned people look more like the color of brass. Egypt was a mix people, just like the United States is today. To say that Mary and Joseph chose Egypt because they were black and the people there were black is speculative at best. You don't think that there were Romans there at that time, or do you suppose that the Romans were black too? I truly believe that this obsession to prove that Jesus was a black man has nothing to do with glorifying God, but rather glorifying man. It is carnal and diabolical to get into these arguments, that are nothing more than an exercise in futility. It does absolutely nothing to spread the Kingdom of God. There are true groups of people, Gentiles and Jews. And Christ came to save both.


What's diabolical John is for white Christianity to continue to present Jesus Christ as white, blond and blue eyed in face of overwhelming facts to the contrary. The interpretation of your above rant says that you are willing to glorify Jesus Christ as long as we all believe he is white. Believe what you will, but here are the facts. http://bit.ly/Ay36iy

The truth always matters. Peace.


Read this, I found it to be interesting.

If Jesus was “the Son of God, not man” as you say… can you explain why he so frequently called himself “The Son of Man?”
Christianity teaches that Jesus was 100% divine AND 100% human. This means he certainly did have a physical lineage and probably looked like his ancestors.
All that stuff about Shem, Ham and Japheth being different races, is just very old racist propaganda. The Bible never assigns different skin colors to those 3 sons of Noah. They had the same mother and father, and they probably all looked alike. Scientifically we know that “race” does not even exist. We all belong to the human race. Of course there are different skin tones, hair textures, etc. in various families around the earth. When you go to spiritualize that, it’s just racism pure and simple.
If you want to use logic to say Jesus could NOT have been black because he was a descendant of Shem, the very same logic must tell you that Ham also could not have been black, as the son of Noah and Noah’s wife. How could Noah and his wife have 3 sons of different races? Are you suggesting they became different races after the flood? Does that make sense to you?
It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s logic the slavers used to claim that black people were cursed and therefore it was ok to mistreat them.
Jewel said this on October 13, 2008 at 12:25 am


Read this, it was written by someone else.
I welcome all view points here, but I do not have to agree with them. Michaelangelo never met Jesus. Neither did the people who made the black statues. I have seen pictures of Jesus as Chinese. That does not make him Chinese. that is just how the artist personalizes his art. Michaelangelo’s Pieta shows a white Mary and Jesus. His statue of David, an ancestor of Jesus, is also of a white man.
You have not even looked at the pictures I presented. The entire region is not black, so that Jesus being black is inevitable.
only Moses had a black wife, and Aaron and Miriam got chastised by God for rejecting Moses for this. This was because they were NOT black, they were Jews, and according to custom, did not marry outside their race. If they objected to Moses having a black wife, then it means they were not black themselves, and neither was Moses. There were 22,000 Levites, and none of them were black. They were Jewish. Mary is not a descendant of either Aaron or Moses, anyhow. She is from the tribe of Judah (genealogy Luke 3)
I am not accepting of the foolish speculation of scientists who contradict scripture. If you want to know the biblical view, you look there, not to some modern theorist, who has no clue or proof whether he is right or not. Jesus was not of the “lost tribes” He was from the tribe of Judah, which had nothing to do with Africans.
Saying that the biological father of Jesus is a Roman soldier is a heresy started by unbelieving Jews later, when they did not want to be blamed for the crucifixion, and needed to justify the act.
Saying that Mary is an Egyptian name is silly. There are name equivalents around the world for the same word. Mary is English for Miriam, which means water.
Marianne said this on February 19, 2009 at 3:58 am

Black Jesus

Marianne, John as I've said repeatedly
on this blog and have provided supporting
facts, Jesus was not white, blond and blue
eyed and the original Jews were of African
decent as supported by the Stanford University
DNA study.

Since its been scientifically proven that all
of humanity began as Black people, we can
debate shades of Jesus until the cows come
home. People from all over the world come to
this site by typing in the phrase "Black Jesus",
and that same phrase in typed into Google alone,
thousands of times per month. So clearly
many Christian globally know that they have
been fed a lie based solely on skin color.
The real question you need to answer is why?
At this point, I suggest you set up your
own blog to factually present your point of view.


As a young hispanic male why does jesus have to be black or white. Why can't he be asian, or hispanic or indian etc.... As a matter of fact who cares how he looks at the end of the day regardless of skin color he died for all of our sins. So how about we just move on from pointless arguments when they don't solve anything. Its not your skin color that determines if you go to heaven.


Rich the truth always matters. Jesus was a real man. He had hair, skin, and a personality. The real question you should ask is why has the truth been denied, camouflaged and hidden if color doesn't matter?


Yes I agreed.Because it's the same idea that I'm learning in my church. Jesus is African. for more the truth. contact us:
e-mail: [email protected]

I really love it



First I would like to say you are calling him by the wrong name. His name is not JESUS as there were no J in the hebrew alphabeth. The name is YA-SHUA. (research that) YA-SHUA is man of colour a BLACK God. To all who say colour doesn't make a difference. Let me tell you it does, hence the reason why colour is mentioned in the bible. Look around people colour makes a difference, If it didn't, what would you do if your unrine was black after using the the toliet. Would you run to the doctors, or does it not matter. Colour exsist so we are able to define the difference in things etc... Here are some bible quotes you should go and check...Exodus 4:6= Put your hand in your bossom, and he put his hand in his bossom, and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous, like snow. If he was white this would not be a miracle. His hand would never change colour. (read on.)Lamentations 5:10 Our Skin is BLACK Amos 9:7 Are you not like the people of Ethiopia to me. Daniel 7:9 and the Hair of his head was like pure wool. Daniel 10:6 his arms and feet like burnished bronze. Revelations 1:14 His head and hair were white like wool,as white as snow.and his eyes like a flame of fire, His feet were like fine brass, as if refined in a furance. Tell me why colour is mentioned some many times in the bible. But when the truth is highlighted, everyone then says, it doesn't matter what colour he is. Because his black,But when you thought he was white it was ok. Tell why if colour doesn't matter why there are so many WHITE images of him in churches, in the media etc. HE IS BLACK JUST ADMIT THE TRUTH> Check your quotes and then reply.



As long as Black people care so freaking much about race, racism will never end. Reading the incredibly ignorant BS on this site shows how very evil and racist so many Blacks are. They choose to segregate themselves and briong race into every conversation. Truly pathetic. Oh and last time I checked Jewish people aren't Black or White. JESUS WAS JEWISH you freaking morons!!!! What a bunch of ignorant racist scumbags so many of you are. If there's a hell that's where you're headed when you die.


Thayer are you angry at Blacks in general
for being Black or are you angry at the truth
being told about Jesus Christ? Some racists
rants I delete, but I want to leave yours up to
exemplify the kind of ignorance that racism
represents. If you have any verified facts to
dispute what's on this site, please post it.

I suggest you read this book about
The Color Of Christ by two white theology professors.


It will give you greater insight as to why you
have this racist anger in your heart against
Black people and the thought that Jesus
could not be anything other than white,
despite the facts.

P.S. And yes Thayer, you are right about
one thing, Jesus he was a Hebrew.



One thing is for sure, majority of the people the bible is about are "People of Color". :)

Of course that must make some people mad if they're unable to find a positive connotation to their skin color in the bible.

Imagine if the bible had references to your dark skin tone as a chastisement from God. Miriam was chastised when she became leprous (white as snow as it's commonly referred to).
If black was to be clearly associated with badness then God could have made her "black as coal"... Oh wait, there are people "Black as coal" and that has no bearing on their true character (not their socio-economic character. If you don't understand socio-economic character then ask yourself this: Is every prostitute a whore at heart and are every whores at heart professional prostitutes?)

Another subtle hint: in economics, the usual foundation of many white people, what color do you want your account to be in other than BLACK? :)

For years, the question wasn't been asked the right way: What the world hasn't been able to "explain" properly is from whence cameth the white people? A natural mutation bourne out of a weird hatred of dark skin by people who where at least heavily pigmented at some point in time?

The "cold weather" migration thing is quite 80s. Have you actually ever many natives to the polar regions with skin without what appears to be permanent pigmentation?
(Please don't give us the tanned face answer as these natives' bodies are the same complexion as their faces. Unless they are sneaking in some all-over-body tanning sessions in between braving the extreme end of natural climate)

If you are open-minded, surely you'd at least find it fascinating that the white race has a weird obsession with white-washing history. Or suddenly finding it within themselves to "look past" the error their whitewashing could have caused. Perhaps we all do, and they are just the most recent perpetrators.

But if it doesn't matter what color Jesus was, why not call time in an orderly manner on the pinkish/creamish hue Jesus and move with another skin-tone or Look?

Interestingly, the sudden imposition of pinkish/creamish hue Jesus coincides with the commencement of the industrialization of African Slave Trade.

ps. Personally, I think the bible and Jesus clearly instructed man not to create images to avoid such an occurrence as this: One "race" hijacking Jesus for their own devious urges to oppress others by depicting him as one of their own.

Perhaps the blacks have had their time at depicting him and we're paying a price for that, just like the whites appear to be beginning to pay a price for their own transgressions now.
I suspect Jesus doesn't like to be hijacked by anyone, white or black or in-between, to oppress another people.

He forgives if you're CRAZY enough to hijack him for the purpose of glorifying his heavenly father and his role as the way to his heavenly father.

Why is this CRAZY? Because only he alone CAN CONSISTENTLY maintain his role as the way to his heavenly father for the rest of eternity.
What humans are merely expected to do is focus on allowing facets of his character to merge with or replace theirs over time so he can then enhance your TRUE character. Your socio-economic character almost always benefits in one way or another.

How does he do it? You'd have to ask him when you meet him :)


Jesus was a Jew. The Jews of the Bible would have looked more like former Egypptian president Anwar Sadat. Sadat and Jesus were not of black southern African descent, but of olive skinned northern African origins. There was probably some mixture of Asian as well in the Jews.

Jesus was not light skinned, blond,, blue-eyed. He probably had dark brown or black eeyes, dark olive colored skin, had coarse but not nappy hair.


Why is it so important to some that the BIBLE be taught "Accurately" as the word of God except for the issue of the Savior`s color? Sumthn aint right.


My real question is to those who call blacks racist for saying The Savior is Black. If the Bible lays out passages that clearly state the physical appearance of Jesus wouldnt that make YOU a RACIST and an antichrist for blatantly denying the word of GOD? Just asking.


Bible says God made man in his image.From original man we all came. Black can produce all shades of color, white is the absence of color and therefore produces none. Jesus was God`s only begotten son... You figure it out genius! The educational system in this country produces multitudes of followers and not many who can comprehend what they read with their own eyes.If Jesus is white, The Holy Bible is a LIE and I dont see God as a liar

A white guy

I think Jesus was brown, but in my culture he is depicted as white, because that is how cultures work. The chinese depict him as chinese, look up Chinesus for images.

And you keep stating the colored people have suffered so much under the rule of whites. I do not deny your statements, but white people havent exactly been crapping rainbows througout history, for example : Roman oppression of barbarians, the mongolian genocides, slavery by the lords during medieval times, slavery during the industrial evolution, slavery by arabs, the jihads against europe in medieval times, the ottomans. Also, only very few rich people could afford to have slaves, all other white people were just... slaves, kind off. While the black man was being liberated througout America, white five year olds had to work in the mines, in factories where their hands were being torn off by the machines, girls were scalped by them because their hair got stuck in it... The list goes on and on. Just to be clear, I do not deny that blacks have suffered enormously from slavery, but not ALL white man are evil.


Dear white guy,

I don't think that all white men are evil. I do think most deal with non whites from a contrarian, superior view point, falsely believing the lie that since Jesus Christ was white, then surely God must be and therefore this is their world and the rest of non white humanity is taking us space.

Just by your admitting that Jesus Christ
wasn't white justifies the purpose of
this blog. The truth always matters.

The truth

Jesus was crucified on the cross why the klans men burn crosses on black peoples property like they burnin up jesus because he,was black

Michael Hendrix

I am sure that putting a color on Jesus is a bad mistake and it would be no different than what you are accusing the white christian of doing. I know that Jesus is Jewish because the Bible confirms that ! I am black american and have yet to trace any language in my history that will prove other than African, if any ?If i focus on color than the message of the Bible is lost. My witness of the Holy Spirit in my life that testify of the Truth;Blood,Water and Spirit by the confession of the mouth Rom. 10 NKJV is and the Word that became Flesh John 1, is my salvation not the color nor the belief of man.


Michael, if you are a really Black then surely you
understand how white Jesus was and is used
as a means of indoctrination. The fact is
there was a man named Jesus and he had
a physical appearance.

If color doesn’t and didn’t matter, why hide,
distort or change the color of Christ, unless
you have non Christian motives. If Jesus was
portrayed as Black and he really was white,
do you really think the majority of Caucasians
would be saying, “What difference does it make?”

I have to delete the racist comments
daily left by those who are incensed
at the thought that Jesus could be
anything other than white, let alone Black.
The historical treatment of most Blacks in
the US and globally in white dominated
societies proves otherwise.
The truth always matters.

Nubian Q

I would like to say to everyone, that I was told by a white man that if the African-American was told something over and over again then we would start to believe it. I told him that is why I don't believe anything that comes from the media or from your mouth. White men are afraid of what they can't control or understand.

Mark Bowen

Only an idiot would think that Jesus was white. Jesus was a Hebrew, a Jew. Mankind sprung up in Modern day Iraq in what was then the garden of Eden near the Tigris and Euprates rivers. The fertile crescent is in Mesopotamia. If you want to know what Jesus looked like, think Jeff Goldblum or Mel Brooks with a tan.

In His Love


I believe Jesus is whatever race we want him to be. Does it really matter that someone thinks he's black, white or in between? As long as your heart is the heart of a Christian, color doesn't matter. I was always taught to love thy brother and sister and everyone of this world is my brother and sister in Christ!



I believe this white lie has been the underpinning
of white supremacy on a global basis. The fact is
there was a man named Jesus and he wasn't white.
blond and blue eyed.

If color doesn't matter, why has the truth been hidden,
denied and covered up? Your response is typical from
those who when faced with the facts, would rather over
look them or say... Why does it matter? The truth always matters.


Franklin Morales

Many people know that Mary and Joseph were African descendant, born of the royal bloodline of Moses when he lived in Ethiopia digging gold mines and other precious jewels. He married African princess' for convenience or for love but that is where Mary and Joseph derive from, so OBVIOUSLY JESUS WAS BLACK like them. It is where til today there are thousands and thousand of Ethiopian Jewish living in Israel and Africa. Its even in the movie the Ten Commandments…It is the main reason Jesus was never accepted by Jewish leaders in Jerusalem, why they fled back to Africa when Herrod the king was killing newborn babies, why Mary was made to give birth in a stable, why Barabbas was chosen to be pardoned by the jewish congregation…on and on. The bible was manipulated to change him to a white God just before Christopher Columbus went in search of the Americas. You see Columbus could not possibly carry boats filled with black slaves and also expect the new world to accept a black God to worship. I am also black but feel if this was God's way to make Jesus more popular and more accepted worldwide, than so be it. Who are we to question God's motives. And look at how mighty Chrisitanity became. Many people I feel have figured this out by now with a little research and open mind, but feel like I do that if we start changing Jesus back to black, there would be a worldwide renunciation of Christianity by millions and millions of people, a religious war could ensue, it would cause many many problems, especially by biggoted racist people and even by some blacks as well. Leave things alone they way they are, it was meant to be just the way it is.

e.michelle james

I have enjoyed your critique of this very intrigueing , timely,and overdue subject. I personally have been gathering information on this subject for about a year. It has been very mind altreing for me, in more ways than I can express here. One thing I wish to contribute to this discussion pertaining to the arguement of the color of David, being ruddy, people that is the white translators misrepersentation, because they knew not any of us would know the differants.Please go to The Bible Corner click on The Great Bible of 1540 , go to 1st Samuel 16: 11-13.It says Samuel was browne when he came in from the sheep not ruddy as the translators have divined to be. I believe this revealed the true tanslation before they tampered with it, to miconstrue the Israelites true color.

Eternal Knowledge



Scripture warns us not to bother with geologists and fables. I love Jesus because he's god that became flesh and I wouldn't be alive ps sain today with out his word and holly spirit. I don't really think of Jesus as black or white I think of him as scripture says. God became flesh and dwelt amount us and we beheld his glory!! Not colour. I have personally spent a lot of time with god and his marvellous glory and he has never once mentioned that skin colour was important to save people in a fallen world. Racism is wrong from black or white why because we are made in his similitude. If you beleive we are all one in Christ.
Many people's from many different nations have been in slavery not just the black people of Africa not to mention the child slavery of today. Maybe instead of quibbling over black or white Jesus we should spend our energies on something that might be a little bit more important to Jesus like setting the slaves of today free.
If u doubt slavery egoist google modern slavery. U might get a shock.



Since you believe that Jesus was a man
of flesh and that flesh had color
then you're saying to me as long as
we don't pay attention to the fact that
his color was changed shouldn't make any
difference as long as he remains white.

John the truth always matters.
And skin color mattered enough for
those that were bothered by the truth
decided to change it.



There are no words to describe how moved I am. Discovering this truth has moved my soul more than a lifetime of Church and Christian teachings. I always knew it in my heart but it was hidden from all of us. My Lord was a black man; a white girl has been saved today. Thank you so much. Thank you.


I totally agree, we must remember that Israel was separated from Africa by the building of the Suez Canal in 1858-1869...so as not to make Africa part of it and those who did it had their own agenda,"Not to associate Africa with Jesus", because they know the truth that Jesus Christ is Black......Amen!!

The truth has FADED but I am happy there are blogs like these which are fighting for the real TRUTH...Thank you lots!!


I just want to say I'm happy that one white person see the truth, for I know that it was going to come forth sooner or later and that I wish people would see this as truth and not racism, cause to say jesus is white and not black is racism...truth is truth...just do the research it's out there...it always was...I don't hate anyone, whatever race...just know the truth

Valencia Glover

Hello, I agree that Jesus could not have been white. It is impossible, and people have re-written the real history to promote themselves, very true. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. I'm sure you know very much about the bible. I do want to have you to investigate something very disturbing in the Catholic church. After a lot, a lot, of research, I have found that many of the same symbolism used in Masonic, Luciferians, and even satanism religions are used in every catholic church, by the pope, even in the very designs of worship. Also my research has led me to find that the beloved image of Jesus and Mary is nothing more than the son of Nimrod and his mother. That image was being used way before Jesus came to earth. Also that Nimrod's birthday was actually December 25. It would be great if you could do a page on what you have discovered.

john b

Yes Jesus was black, at the time of Jesus all the Jews were black or dark tan, and the Romans/Greeks were the only whites. I am Hispanic and I accept the TRUTH. Jesus was black and the whites wanted to change the image of Christ. Even in Central America they pray to "Cristo Negro de Esquipulas" translating to Black Christ. I was raised as Catholic but I am always looking for the truth and accept nothing but the truth even if it goes against what I previously believed. Not sure which religion is really the "right" one or even if that matter, But all I know is that GOD is real and believe in him.









The real truth is in the bible people the proof is there who Jesus really is in john14;6! The way the truth and the life and he is what the bible describes him clearly ! Hello! IN the book of Daniel twice he saw a vision if the real Jesus and described him in chapter 7 and chapter 10! Read he said he has wooly hair not straight hair !! And that he his face look like lightning! And his eyes like fire and his arms and feet are the color of brass!! Not white!! And john said the same thing in revelation chapter 1; verses 13-15! Wooly hair red eyes and dark skin! How dark you say!? As if it burned in a furnace or an oven!!! That sounds like a very dark man to me!! Now u know the real truth my Jesus is not a white man or Chinese man
He is exactly what he is according to the word of the lord an African black king of kings!! World! And I love him just the way he truly is!! Forever!!! And I'm proud of it!! Jesus is black!! And beautiful!! And if u are ashamed of that that's being ashamed of him and he will be ashamed of u too!! And racism is a sin and unacceptable behavior to God!! So if anyone here is shame on u! Jesus wants us to love him as he is !! No matter what the race!!! But he is who heis do these racist white lies must stop!! Enough is enough!! Know the real truth and it will set u free!!

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